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The Doors (An Animated Movie)

November 7, 2010

Gifted kindergartner David Enos has produced a stunning animated history of the Doors. The narration, as you can see, is straightforward but haunting, and the depictions of Jim and the gang (and the supernatural oddities they encounter) will leave you breathless.

Watch it below now, or wait and see it on the big screen at next week’s San Francisco International Animation Festival.


Edward Burns Master Class and Sneak Preview Tonight at the Roxie!

November 4, 2010

Who doesn’t love this guy?

Anyway, he’s got a new movie out soon, and tonight he’s previewing it at the Roxie AND teaching some kind of filmmaking master class! Which starts in like an hour!

The details:

This master class will focus on emerging trends in technology and how they will affect the way indie filmmakers create and distribute their films. The class will cover all aspects of the independent film value chain, with special emphasis on financing and distribution.

Tickets will be available at the door, $20 or less, cash only.

Here’s the trailer for the new movie, which screens at 7:30:

CONTEST: Win Tickets to the ATA Film and Video Festival

October 21, 2010

Artists’ Television Access wants to give you two passes to the program of your choice at this year’s ATA Film and Video Festival. Tonight is a shorts program called “Human Nature,” and tomorrow night is a shorts program called “Lo-Fi Future.”

Leave a comment below explaining which one you want to attend and why, and we will pick a winner based on merit. Contest ends at 5pm today.

Note that there’s a special hands-on workshop on Saturday, and special installations in the ATA window all month long.

View the trailer for the event below, and peruse the full press release after the jump:


Be In A Movie . . . Please

October 3, 2010

A couple of years ago local filmmaker Barry Jenkins made good with Medicine for Melancholy, an exploration of the present day San Francisco. Now he’s taking a look at the future of the city. His new short film, REMIGRATION, shooting this week, is part of the ITVS produced FutureStates series.

Things are all coming together for the shoot, but there is still an open item . . . mine. I’m looking for people who want to be extras, people to populate our city of the future. We’re looking for people to fill out scenes shooting this coming Wednesday afternoon and night and this Saturday afternoon and night. We still need some kids, ages 6-13 for both days, as well as people ages 30-65. Both shoots are in SF. As a background actor you wouldn’t be required to say any lines or anything, but we’re hoping to feature many of the extras on camera and want to have some fun with ad-libbing.

If you or someone you know is interested and can commit to both days, please send me an e-mail at eviloars(at)yahoo(dot)(com) with your contact info as soon as possible and I’ll send you more information.

It will be a lot of fun. Movies are fun!

New Mission vs The Fox?

September 23, 2010

(original photo via Telstar Logistics)

In the comment section of the Cinema Latino / Crown Theater article, reader “like a fox” brings us this interesting tidbit in my response to my plaintive wail, “Could you imagine something like Oakland’s The Fox in the Mission?”

Your wish is granted. The *other* theater across the street – New Mission – is slated to become a music venue – with the Fox being the model. Unfortunately, the New Mission doesn’t have the architectural splendor of the Fox. Don’t know how the funding or permitting is going, sorry.

Gus Murad’s club and height limits are well known, but the idea of a Fox-like entity in the Mission is a new one to me.  Any readers with more information?

(More Mission Street theater history porn here, and more pictures inside of New Mission here.)

‘La Mission’ Now on Netflix Watch Instantly

September 22, 2010

Hey, hey! Now’s your chance! Remember the way Phil Bronstein compared it to Milk? Epic. Can’t wait to watch it again.

Anyway, what I’m most thrilled about is now I can watch the opening two seconds over and over and over any time I want. (Before, I said three seconds, but I think they might’ve trimmed a beat for the home video release.)


August 2, 2010

Looks like Medjool’s Gus Murard has been falling behind on payments for the dilapidated New Mission Theater and GIANT VALUE building and is possibly facing foreclosure from the City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees.

According to the article, Murard planned to eventually convert the site to “affordable housing”. If this is true, he’ll totally save money on signage by just slapping “APARTMENTS” under “GIANT VALUE”.

Get the full scoop at the über-1337 M!$$!0n L0c@l.