Sorry, Joshua

Our buddy Joshua got majorly bummed the last time he saw Critical Mass clogging up the intersection of Van Ness and Market. Oops… we did it again! But we were a pretty small group this time (probably due to the “snow”), so we didn’t do as much damage to peoples’ schedules as usual.

Being a small group meant we were nimble enough to traverse that little bike bridge through the Hairball. And our motorized escort went right along with us:

What fun!

New Mission Bicycle Video

Our pals at Mission Bicycle have a new promo video done by 4SP Films, the same guys that did the Tartine Bread one a while ago. It looks great and has nice shots of the ‘hood.

Jefferson adds:

They were pretty awesome to work with but they wanted to crop out a bit where a dog is taking a leak in and otherwise beautiful shot.  I said NO WAY.  It’s one of my favorite bits.  Gotta look close though, it’s just a quick flash.

Bonus dog peeing shot!

[Vimeo link]

TCB’s Chas Christianson Interview

Yes, bro! You probably recognize this speedy guy from TCB Courier, our favorite bike courier service:

This is the same dude that smoked everyone by 29 minutes at the Mission Mission Alleycat in Oct ’09. Well, check out this great interview with Chas in a recent issue of Fixed Magazine.  In the article, he gets into his origins, winning races, and some of the more unusual deliveries they’ve had to make, including this one:

Someone had to pick up a custom leather order from one of the leather shops, Stormy Leather on Folsom and 5th, all the way out to the infinity tower, the brand new condo, 38th floor. You know, condos that cost multi-million dollars, and we’re delivering custom-made leather straps and things like that.

Check out the rest at MashSF.

Fixie Fail

The Examiner reports:

A 25-year-old bicyclist weaving through traffic on a fixed-gear bike with no brakes sent a 61-year-old woman to the hospital in critical condition after colliding with her last week in a Mission Terrace intersection.

The incident highlights the danger of some fixed-gear bikes, commonly known as “fixies” because one gear is affixed to the rear wheel. Such bikes cannot coast, which means the pedals are constantly moving and can be used for braking.

Read on for more about the fixie craze and quotes from a real bike messenger. And for god’s sake, be safe out there.

[Photo by terry.b]

Timbuk2 Has The Mission’s Ass Covered, Shells Out Free Rain Gear

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As a city cyclist, I count my blessings every time I go to mount up and my saddle hasn’t been stolen. Imagine my surprise today when I walked outside Atlas Cafe to unlock and found my seat had been upgraded with a snappy red rain cover! Of course, the altruistic act came with a pitch – Timbuk2‘s ninjas stealthily distributed the seat covers in support of a sale – but who can complain when a random act of kindness wards off a soggy bum? With this week’s dismal forecast we can all use an extra bit of shelter.

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Street Justice

A while back, a reader wrote in with this picture of the bed of a black Nissan filled with what looked like might be evidence of a bike theft ring. Today, Man Freckles tells us about a red Nissan apparently known to be part of a bike theft ring:

So last night I went to the Dover Club with some friends to have a mild sunday game of pool, while bobby the bike thief was stealing friends bike wheels.  We Knew exactly where to go to get the wheels back. We went over to 24th and york looked in the red nissan truck and see all the wheels inside. We try to talk to him, no luck. SO the truck is opened and wheels given back while my friend is drunk and pissed and smashes the windshield with a bike lock. STREET JUSTICE !

Are these trucks one in the same? New paint job or what?

In any case, read on to see how MF’s story ends.

[Photo by Jeremiah M.]