I think she was so overwhelmed by all the snow bullshit that she actually thought a blizzard was going to find its way inside the Transbay Tube and into an airtight BART car, and get her a little wet.

Or maybe she just really hates when the person in the seat in front of her sneezes and doesn’t cover their mouth.

Or maybe she was practicing some kind of understated routine for the Glee tryouts.

Jeans at the Gym

Kiya from Self Edge once told me that since he always wears denim he even wears denim when he goes swimming. Cutoffs in the pool. And that kind of seems somewhat normal, like Tom Sawyer and friends swimming in a swimming hole with cutoffs.

Denim on the treadmill however? A very peculiar choice.

But maybe it’s good. Maybe we should all practice running in jeans for when the time comes we have to outrun somebody we just suckerpunched outside Pop’s in the middle of the night. While barefoot.

[Photo by We Built This City]


Obsessed With Denim

KUSF Says Treatment ‘Unfair’

According to these t-shirts they printed up, the rallying cry for the Save KUSF movement is “UNFAIR.” I mean, yeah they were treated unfairly, but it’s kind of a whiny rallying cry, no? And anyway, the world is unfair. Seems hard to protest against unfairness. How about “DICK MOVE” or something?

But seriously, KUSF needs our help this week more than ever. The Bay Bridged explains here.

[Photo by Steve Rhodes]


Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio [KUSF]?