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Dress Like Robin Williams… By Buying His Clothes

February 9, 2011

GayCities reports that Robin Williams recently dropped off a bunch of his old threads at the Mission Thrift Town, so if you’re a husky fella who likes designer clothes by Sergio Amante, Kiki Tanemura, and Romane (I made those up) head on down and own a piece of showbiz history.

Word has it that he also dropped of the tux he wore to the Academy awards while accepting his Oscar for his performance in Toys.

Ok, it’s too easy to poke fun at Rob, but he actually seems like a pretty swell guy. Listen to his interview on the WTF podcast if you’ve got an hour.

[GayCities via SFist]

Swedish Invasion

February 9, 2011

Look at these cool looking Swedes! Fashionist managed to snap some pics and chat them up a bit during their visit to the Mission. Now let’s all put on some Little Dragon and read all about it.

What Happens When A Party Bus from the Marina Makes a Stop at Debaser?

February 7, 2011

What happens!?

You see a lot of non-ironic preppy outfits instead of just ironic preppy outfits. Quite refreshing.

3D Mission Street Sidewalks

February 6, 2011

They looked possibly damp, so I didn’t want to touch them, let alone put them on my face.

So what happens? Do the red squares leap up at you? Does bum vomit spring to life?

Tonight: Magical Evening of Yacht Rock

January 27, 2011

Best email we got all day:

Subj: We have a magical evening of Yacht Rock coming your way.

Hi there – This is Annie from the band DATE NITE. I will be performing, with my fellow sailors, at a fantastic event this Thursday evening at the Blue Macaw. There will be Michael McDonald covers, shoulder pads, a tribute to Gerry Rafferty, a vintage bathing suit competition, and of course plenty of champagne. Below is a description of the event and a couple of winter yachting tips.

Hoping we see you there!
Thanks… I’ve included an inspiring photo for reference.
Annie Sloan

After the jump is the full press release, including info about the performers and vintage swimwear contest, plus a fun list of wardrobe suggestions. (more…)

Gold Rush Days on Valencia Street

January 27, 2011

There’s gold in them thar ensembles!

[Photo by Corntard]

Ibiza Time in Dolores Park

January 26, 2011

Nice tee!

[And what a snap by Corntard!]