Apple ‘tests’ iPhone 5’s theft-tracking feature at Cava22

Woah, deja vu.

Just like last year, an iPhone prototype was “misplaced” by an Apple employee. This time, in a Mission bar! Cava22, to be exact, a place surely devoid of tech-savvy hipsters hoping to sneak a peak.

The phone was lost in late July, but using the built-in tracking features it was traced to a home in Bernal Heights. When investigators arrived and questioned the guy, he recalled being at Cava22 but denied anything about having the phone.

Suuure, dude. So someone happened to throw it in your bag and you somehow managed to keep it charged for a month?

Can’t wait to see how this develops.

[via CNet, photo by potentialpast]

Four Barrel exits the terrible twos tomorrow, celebrates with skee ball

Four Barrel is turning 3 tomorrow and just like last year there will be free coffee all day. Unlike previous years, there will be skee ball:

To celebrate three years of being in business, Four Barrel Coffee will be throwing their annual birthday bash on Tuesday, August 23rd, from 7am to 4pm.  As they do every year, they will be giving away free coffee and espresso drinks all day long.  To add to the fun, Glass Coat Photo Booth will be setting up one of their free photo booths from 12pm-4pm, there will be two Skee Ball units in the back for people to square off against one another, and they’ll be serving free slices of Tartine Cake at noon.  Plus the Pizza Hacker and Rosamunde Sausage Grill will be posted up outside if people want to buy a some lunchtime food.  It’s going to be a doozie.

No word on whether the skee ball units will be dispensing tickets for high scores, which can then exchanged for plastic harmonicas, mini squirt guns, and rubber goblin finger puppets. We’ll check with our source.

[thanks Nicky Koch]

Update: No skee ball prizes :(

Medjool hopes to go legit with its rooftop bar

Medjool has applied for a “conditional use authorization” for its controversial rooftop bar, which was shut down by the SFPD some time ago.

Reader tack sent us this picture and adds his piece:

Personally I’m not looking forward to the roof bar reopening. There was always drunken domestic abuse outside my bedroom window at 1:30am when it was running and when the fire department shut it down it magically all went poof. I’d hate to see the drunk yuppies chewing out and threatening their girlfriends/wives return to the neighborhood. It was disgusting and tragic.

Supporters of this cause (let’s just call them ‘roofies’) will be stating their case on Septemper 8th, noon at City Hall room 400 in case you want to give ’em what for (even though you’ve never actually, like, been to that place.)

Get your tintype portrait on Valencia Street

We stopped by the grand opening party of Photobooth yesterday, and were surprised to see the storefront (which some of you may remember as a two-story acupuncture clinic) transformed into a vast, high-ceilinged space resembling an Apple Store. Photobooth is a portrait studio, gallery, retail store, and a new addition to the Mission arts scene, run by local photographers Michael Shindler and Vince Donovan.

Shindler and Donovan, who specialize in Civil War-era tintypes and Polaroids respectively, run a live portrait studio in the storefront during open hours offering two modes of instant gratification ($20 for Polaroid, $40 for tintype). The retail portion is stocked with retro camera gear, including refurbished Polaroid cameras, the entire Lomography toy camera line, and Polaroid film from the Impossible Project. The space will also feature local photographers, host events and openings, and hold alternative photography classes.


Smokey, this is not ‘Nam, this is the Mission Bowling Club, there are stiff fees

It looks like the future of the Mission Bowling Club is in jeopardy, thanks to $44,000 in “special fees” which San Francisco is imposing on Sommer Peterson, the gal responsible for the project (which, we’ll remind you, includes bringing back the Mission Burger). So what exactly constitutes a “special fee”? The Examiner breaks it down:

The Planning Department is imposing extra “impact fees” on Peterson because officials say she’s converting a warehouse — which is zoned as light industrial — to entertainment use. As part of major rezoning in 2008 of The City’s eastern neighborhoods, including the site of the warehouse, an impact fee was established to help pay for community benefits such as parks or road repairs. Impact fees account for about half of Peterson’s $44,000 tab; the other half is for a Muni transit fee, which has been on the books since 1981 and was extended citywide in the early 2000s.

Read on for more of the trials and tribulations of the Mission Bowling Club.


Spiderclam, Planet of the Gapes, Freaks and Dicks

Apparently James Franco is a big fan of — so big in fact, that he’s directing a documentary on the famed porn castle, and production has already started.

So what was it like when Franco came to the Mission? Indiewire has the details:

A tweet from actress rain degrey from June 26 read: “ is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol.”

Expect more James Franco in the Mission in the coming months, and maybe you’ll get to f*ck him if you’re lucky.