CONTEST: Win Tickets to Elephant 6 Film Screening and PERFORMANCE at the Roxie!

Elephant 6, the collective made up of Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, Apples in Stereo and many other indie rock favorites, have been working on this feature film Major Organ and the Adding Machine for a while, and on Sunday, they’re screening it at the Roxie. AND playing some songs. Their show at the Independent the night before is sold out, so if you don’t have tickets to that, you might want to hurry up and buy tickets to this.

OR, you could try to win tickets by entering our contest. Leave a comment below relating a personal anecdote about any Elephant 6 project or any instance of a group of musicians making a foray into the realm of cinema, and we’ll pick two winners based on merit. Each winner will get a pair of passes. Contest ends at 8pm on Thursday.

Find Out Exactly How To Pronounce ‘Chopin’

Oh you like Chopin, do you? What else do you like? Pizza? Oxygen? Because to classical people that’s like saying, “Boy, do I love movies. Have you seen the Godfather?” Anyways, Tuesday March 1st is Frederic Chopin’s 201st birthday and there will be a great show in the city celebrating his music.

Classical Revolution started as a site-reading jam session at Revolution Cafe consisting of top-notch chamber music musicians and has since evolved into a worldwide collective. For every major composer’s birthday they do these these commemorative shows, usually free at Revolution Cafe on Mondays.

This one, however, is at an Ethiopian restaurant in the Fillmore district called Sheba’s (across from Yoshi’s), and from the bitching I’ve heard from pianists at Rev, it’s probably got a much nicer piano. Don’t worry, there aren’t that many steep hills getting there.

Here’s the scoop from facebook:

Join us as we celebrate the 201st birthday of Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

8pm Christine McLeavy
Selected works

845 William Kirkpatrick
Etude in Ab major, Opus 25/1
Berceuse, Opus 57
Etude in C minor Opus 25/12
Waltz in Ab major Opus 69/1

915pm Mayumi Urgino
Nocturne in E minor, Opus 72/1

930pm Kristina Soriano
Waltz in C# minor, Opus 64/2
Nocturne in C# minor, Opus Post
Nocturne in Eb major, Opus 9/2
Fantasie Impromptu, Opus Post 66

1030pm Allison Lovejoy
Nocturne in F# major
Nocturne in Bb minor
Etude in E major, op 10/3

1130pm Michael Tan / Samsun van Loon
Cello Sonata

Sheba’s is a piano lounge / Ethiopian restaurant in the Fillmore District, across the street from Yoshi’s.
The piano is a nice baby grand and the food is awesome (spicy!!)

$5-20 donation supports tonight’s musicians.

And here’s a taste to get you in the mood:

Ferocious Few Get Biblical Indoors

This was one of the few Noise Pop 2011 shows we missed. Luckily The Bay Bridged had our back, and it seems the Ferocious Few, that band you love running into on street corners, is possibly even more badass onstage with real amps and shit:

Seeing them indoors, playing out of full size amps, in a room with natural reverb, had an interesting effect on their music. The increased size and scope makes everything sound infinitely more serious then it does on a street corner. Their songs are transformed from playful rave-ups to something bordering on the biblical. In this setting, songs are based more on their almost Gothic atmosphere than they are on the band’s blistering live energy. A lot of that comes from the drums. When the Few busk, their drummer plays with brushes but at this show he used sticks. Brushes, when played hard and fast on a snare (which is the FF’s drummer’s busking M.O) fills the sonic space around the kit with a dirty, skittering energy. In the setting of the Independent, the drumming was much more spacious—letting a near-constant four-on-the-floor kick drum do most of the percussive work.

Dang. Can’t wait to see it. Read on.

[Photo by Agata Kamler]


Increased Demand for Rad Ferocious Few T-Shirts Leads to Barroom Brawl

Ferocious Few Rock Treasure Island

Ferocious in the Streets


Crazy Band

Remember this girl shredding down the interstate last summer? That was badass.

Get this: I’m pretty sure she’s in this band Crazy Band that’s opening for No Age tonight as part of Noise Pop 2011. If their music is anywhere near as good as their blog, Crazy Band should rule. The show is sold out, but if you’ve already got tickets or a badge, be sure to show up right on time.


Why You Should See the Opening Act

Reminder: Noise Pop Culture Club Starts Right Now!

Noise Pop 2011 has been going strong for a few days now, but today marks the beginning of what they’re calling their flagship event. It takes place at Public Works right here in the Mission, and it’s an all-day affair featuring workshops and readings and a four-hour interactive drawing session. Here are details on a couple highlights:

REBAR is the organization behind Park(ing) Day, and my favorite parklet. Today, they host a brainstorming session:

All cities contain voids, loopholes, and niche spaces: pockets of unscripted wilderness that can be explored for their creative potential. Join Matthew Passmore, cofounder and principal of Rebar, for a brief overview of Rebar’s work followed by a workshop that invites participants to bring a photograph or description of a niche space from their own environment, whether urban, suburban, or rural. We will collectively brainstorm ways to occupy these niches in ways that fulfil unmet social needs and improve the quality of our shared habitat.

This will be a hands-on workshop of drawing, thinking, and discussion.

I mentioned this next item before, but just to recap, Nick Zinner (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is performing with some friends:

Please Take Me Off the Guest List is a multi-media presentation of the new book by Nick Zinner (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield. A slideshow of Nick’s photos from the book is accompanied by ambient music played by Nick and Stacy while Zachary reads stories.

Culture Club continues into Sunday as well. See here for the complete schedule and descriptions of every event.

Putting 11 People Onstage at Bottom of the Hill Is Awesome

I caught two nights of Noise Pop at Bottom of the Hill. Those are a lot of Bottom of the Hill hours. So it was pretty cool when Typhoon, a band I knew nothing about, was the most memorable. They had 11 people on stage — two full drum kits! The Tens noticed some other details as well:

The keyboardist dressed up as the internet. One drummer had a ponytail.

Read on.

Remember, there are still three days of Noise Pop so don’t miss out. I hear there are like, ten people in Battlehooch so maybe you can see a bunch of musicians crammed onto the Bottom of the Hill stage, too.

CONTEST: Win Tickets to Mission United!

Check it out! Public Works in a couple weeks is throwing a party devoted to the Mission. Several of your favorite DJs will be there (Yo, Primo!), along with good food and drink, and a fashion show. And it’s eight hours long!

Mission United
“A party celebrating all things Mission”..

For $5 admission, FREE FOOD & DRINK SPECIALS (between 8pm and 10pm) click attending on this page!

Public Works presents an 8 hour event celebrating our melting-pot neighborhood, San Francisco’s Mission district. Cherry-picking some of the best in music, performance, art, fashion and food. Mission United brings the sights and sounds of our favorite hood under one roof.

Proceeds of the event to benefit:
SF General Hospital // SF General’s Dr. Rick
Psychiatric Department Volunteer & Rehab Services
Root Division —
SFSmiles —

What’s more, we’re giving away free tickets. They say they’re celebrating “all things Mission,” so peruse the lineup and leave a comment below letting them know if they’ve forgotten anything key. The two best suggestions (as judged by us based on merit) will win a pair of tickets each. Contest ends Monday at 5pm.

See the full lineup, RSVP and invite your friends via the event’s official Facebook page.