Early electro, new wave, dark wave, punk and post-punk TONIGHT

Here’s the deal, according to Wam Bam Ashleyanne herself:

10PM-2AM. No cover.

All vinyl cuts from a darker side… early electro, new wave, dark wave, punk, post-punk. I’ll have some Slits, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Adam Ant in tow. [link]

I went to this party last month and it was funnnnnnn. I love soul and techno as much as the next guy but it was fun for once to go to a party in the Mission that wasn’t soul or techno.

Mission girl goes to Detroit, makes rap video about biking and boys

You might remember Breezee One from her list of Mission boy romantic red flags that everybody loved so much. Her hot new music video for “Bike Chase” just might be even better:

Is “Bianchis, Peugeots, Cinellis, Fujis” the new “Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi, Louis Louis, Prada” or is “Bianchis, Peugeots, Cinellis, Fujis” the new “Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi, Louis Louis, Prada”?

[via Racoon Lyfe]

You’re a 45-year-old rock musician about to release a comeback album in 1986

Here’s a fun game, courtesy of local rock historian David Enos:

It’s 1986.  You’re a 45 year old rock musician who is about to release a comeback album.  Your face is wrecked but your handlers picked out a new blazer and pair of jeans that will make you look more in step with the times.  Don’t forget to roll the sleeves up.  What do you call this album?

Find out here.

[Graphic by Art Moth]

Sebastien Giniaux Quartet at Revolution Cafe tonight

While it’s more popular than ever, Gypsy Jazz is still somewhat of a novelty in the US, mostly enclosed within a festival circuit and core group of acoustic guitar nerds (myself included). In Paris, however, “Jazz Manouche” is a part of the culture. Guitarist Django Reinhardt was one of the very first international European jazz stars, and is highly revered by all generations of French musicians to this day.

Sebastien Giniaux is one of the greatest young guitarists in this style in Paris, and therefore probably one of the best in the world. I’d be hard pressed to think of any world-class guitarist of any style that wouldn’t be blown away by his virtuosic technique and endless improvisational ideas. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform an intimate house concert on Sunday, and he was incredible.

Tonight Seb plays at Revolution Cafe with his quartet from 8:30pm-11:30pm. If you want to see something amazing, stop by, even if it’s just for a couple of tunes.

Here’s a clip of Sebastien (left) playing with another amazing French player, Adrien Moignard: