No pets for rent


“We only sell them.”  But seriously, why is it so difficult to find a place to live in this city that allows you to have loveable, furry pets? Is the chance that Rover might drop a deuce on the carpet so great that landlords just don’t want to deal with them? Isn’t that what security deposits are for?

I’ve got an empty room in my place, a glorious 28×14 uber room, but all of my friends who have expressed interest are saddled with felines and sadly that’s a no-no according to my landlord. Attempts to negotiate a “pet deposit” have also gotten nowhere.

For that matter, I want a cat myself to love and cuddle! I’m missing out on a lot of mutual affection here! I suppose you could always go rogue and just get one anyway, but that seems like quite the risk.

What is the deal with landlords and pets?

Swan (aka the Pigeon Whisperer, John Ratliff) by Troy Holden

Somehow I didn’t know that Troy Holden has a tumblr. It’s full of gems like this breathtaking shot of local pigeon whisperer Swan, and I don’t know why he isn’t racking up thousands of “likes” per post. Go follow him, if you’re into this internet stuff.

Be sure to check out the documentary on Swan, while you’re at it.


Second and third best ways to find someone in Dolores Park

“I’m on the boy’s bathroom side, holding up a unicorn hand puppet!”

Surprisingly, this is not the first time someone used unicorns to mark her territory in the park. Remember this one?

If you don’t have a unicorn hand puppet, what the hell is wrong with you? I guess you could always hold one of these into the air, too:

Then I suppose after that you could play beer pong while listening to Bob Marley’s Legend.