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Your Mom’s Cocktails

February 25, 2011

Your Mom's Cocktails

We Be Sushi is awesome. Their sushi is reasonably priced and super tasty. Sometimes your server will even give you a personality reading with your food. Not in a rude way, in an . . . intuitive way.

The thing that always boggled me about this place is the sign out front. We Be serves beer, sake, that kind of thing, but I haven’t seen any liquid actually being mixed. And nothing in a martini glass. The plain looking sign on top suggests that the sushi is made the way that somebody’s mom made. The sign below is more specific. It’s also specifically awesome.

So, what’s the deal with the sign? It’s been a sushi restaurant for over 20 years, did they ever have a full bar? According to a server who’s worked there for a while the cocktail sign is actually original, even though they never had cocktails. At some point the sign was made special for the owner. She pointed him out behind the counter, expertly rolling sushi, and said that the mother’s face is actually his own.

At that point I kind of figured I had gotten enough of the story. Better to leave the rest to conjecture. The fact that it fits that well and is also totally out of place is part of what I love about it.

Earlier Mission Mission Mini Mystery at WBS: Curious Bathroom Art.

Mr. Peanut and Mr. Pickle’s Lovechild

January 31, 2011

Q: What do you get when you cross a Mr. Peanut, of Planter’s fame, and a Mr. Pickle, of Mr. Pickle Sandwich Shop on South Van Ness?

A: Mr. Pickle’s classy spats-sporting cousin in SOMA, Mr. Toad’s.

Don’t worry, Mr. Pickle. Your cousin is in the recording and rehearsal space business and poses no threat to your empire.

[via MM reader Shawna]


Epic Mr. Pickle Saga

Pick Up or Delivery?

January 4, 2011

Taken at the corner of Folsom and 17th at City Cremation. Not everyone can afford a fancy urn.

[photo and title by reader Joel G.]

Metroid Art

December 24, 2010

According to this, the boy’s bathroom at the Knockout contains an hidden elevator to planet SR388. Remember to pick up the ice beam before you head over.

Noisebridge In Trouble

December 22, 2010

Mission DIY Hackerspace Noisebridge is at risk of shutting down early next year unless they get some financial help. If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly urge you to do so. They are at 18th and Mission and it’s a great place to work on any kind of DIY project you can think of be it hardware, software, or even cooking. If you dig the space, you should become a full-fledged member and use the facilities.

They have a cool 5-minute talk series every 3rd Thursday. It’s totally fun. It’s like TED‘s cocaine addicted, disorganized, less-influential little brother.

Noisebridge was also behind the hilarious Juggalo science fair at the Warfield this year. So if you don’t help them, this may be the future of San Francisco:

Hit up this link to donate or inquire about membership.

[via Uptown Almanac]

Robot Elephant

November 5, 2010

You really got to hand it to that Notch fellow.  I mean, this is really excellent viral advertising for that Minecraft game of his!  Or perhaps it’s for TRON?

Regardless, spotted on 23rd between Valencia and Guerrero.

Why Do You Suppose the Celebration/Riot Never Made it to Dolores Park?

November 3, 2010

At around 11pm on the night of the big win, Jina (also the taker of the above photo) said:

It’s actually amazingly beautiful tonight at top of Dolores Park, despite all the noise below.

I mean, of course it’s beautiful. It’s always beautiful up there. But, what gives? Why weren’t we all in the park? I smell CONSPIRACY.