Hot New Fetish: Girls Stirring Fondue While Wearing Ergonomic Elbow Sleeves

Some fetishists next to me in line for food at last night’s SFMOMA/Noise Pop event were real excited:

“Dude, check out the way she’s stirring the fondue.”

“I know. Dude, check out her ergonomic elbow sleeve.”

“Dude, I know.”

“Oh man.”

Wild stuff, right? Maybe it was all part of the art.

Sabretooth Town

Today over at the Bold Italic, Kelly Malone of Indie Mart tells us about her love life:

There’s a taboo to the term cougar, much like the played out “hipster” tag. No one actually  wants to be called one, myself included. However, I  am 36 and dating guys a decade younger.

Let me point out, I have nothing against guys my age, and I don’t rule them out. But it’s funny (as they say) that as I get older, the dudes I’m dating stay the same age. I’m drawn to the hallmarks of these 20-somethings – the sound of skateboard wheels coming down the street, the sight of postgrads paying for their coffee with quarters. I don’t need a financially secure, established guy. I need adventure!

Adventure is the best! Read on!