Saturday Sunset Epic Once Again

I happen to walk by this spot a lot, and I’ve even made a post almost exactly like this one in past, but yesterday’s sunset was just too amazing to ignore.  Couple this with our amazing summertime weather while the rest of the country is freezing over, and San Francisco once again solidifies its claim as the most jealousy-inducing location in the United States.  Take that East coast!

Go watch your Superbowl, America.  We’re gonna be outside ALL DAY.


Sunset from the Sunset

Sunset from the Five

Sunset from Dragon Calvalry

Sunset Lagoon

Freaky Dream

I walked over to 24th Street to get some lunch, and every single business was gated off or boarded up, and crews were removing all signage and painting every single building uniform shades of red, yellow and blue. It looked like Lego. Freaky!

(I imagine this had something to do with this week’s Discolandia drama. Also, I had a dream Bob Odenkirk from Mr. Show was yelling at me about something.)

[Photo by tweetsweet]