Brian Wilson writing Giants-themed graffiti on area wall

Suck it, property owners! Cool tag, Brian!

(Kinda weird how he’s hovering six inches off the sidewalk though, right?)

[via Storts]

UPDATE: From the looks of his Facebook page, the artist seems to be from Philly. Here’s an exchange with a fan on his wall:

Anthony Mangano: I hate Brian Wilson

Get up: HAHA I expect lots of that! They love him out here tho, doin it for the people haha

Mission Cliffs replaces bouldering floor

Heads up, climbers: for the next two days, the bouldering area at Mission Cliffs will be closed as new foam floors are installed. Meanwhile, new problems have been set on the main floor. And there’s always Valencia Cliffs

Check out the installation’s progress on Mission Cliffs’ Facebook page.


Smokey, this is not ‘Nam, this is the Mission Bowling Club, there are stiff fees

It looks like the future of the Mission Bowling Club is in jeopardy, thanks to $44,000 in “special fees” which San Francisco is imposing on Sommer Peterson, the gal responsible for the project (which, we’ll remind you, includes bringing back the Mission Burger). So what exactly constitutes a “special fee”? The Examiner breaks it down:

The Planning Department is imposing extra “impact fees” on Peterson because officials say she’s converting a warehouse — which is zoned as light industrial — to entertainment use. As part of major rezoning in 2008 of The City’s eastern neighborhoods, including the site of the warehouse, an impact fee was established to help pay for community benefits such as parks or road repairs. Impact fees account for about half of Peterson’s $44,000 tab; the other half is for a Muni transit fee, which has been on the books since 1981 and was extended citywide in the early 2000s.

Read on for more of the trials and tribulations of the Mission Bowling Club.


Berlin-style ping pong happens again this Friday!

The first edition of American Tripps went really well. Thanks to everyone that came out and partied! We’re doing it again this Friday, same time, same place, same everything. By 9 or 10 the place was pretty packed, so you might do well to show up on the early side this time around.

RSVP and invite your friends here. And be sure to “like” American Tripps on Facebook so you get timely updates and news and stuff.

Here are some shots of Friday night’s action, courtesy of our own Mike Chino:

Check out the full album here. (Tag your friends, tag yourself.) And scope some crummier pictures at the official American Tripps tumblr if you like.