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A Day at the Races

February 28, 2011

You know how you’ve been meaning to go to Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields for like a hundred years and you’ve still never been? You should go finally, seriously. I did recently, and it was a lovely day.

The photo ops are plentiful:

The ponies are majestic:


Boxwars 2011 March 11

February 25, 2011

Start saving up your toilet paper tubes, Boxwars 2011 is on March 11th, this time at an indoor venue.

Boxwars is back in 2011 at CellSpace with punk tunes by Bum City Saints, The 132 and Not Even a Mouse.

Doors at 8pm, corrugated chaos sometime later.

Want to participate? Email or just show up ready to fight (or be recycled).

Free entry for Boxwarriors, $7 for spectators.

Invite friends:


ps: We’ll be returning to Dolores Park this summer, but the weather is too unreliable this time of year.

Here’s a recap of last year’s event in Dolores Park, including a cleanup and lawn sledding montage!


Way Better Boxwars 2011 video

Boxwars 2010

Sweet Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Skateboard

February 22, 2011


Global Warming is Real

February 6, 2011

Two conclusions from today’s 77-degree day:

  • Climate change is real
  • Most of you don’t care about football

[photo by potential past]

New Climbing Obstacles Installed on 24th Street

January 27, 2011

New routes? Dude, gnarly. Looks like Valencia Cliffs has some compe-tish.

Impending Hurt

January 27, 2011

[Photo by We Built This City]


You Bluntslid Dolores Park, What Was That Like?

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

January 10, 2011

Busted up sports trophies were strewn all up and down a section of York Street last night. It was not a pretty sight.

Once upon a time, 1999 seemed like the distant future. Now it’s ancient history.