Through Brian Wilson’s Eyes

MM reader Kevin had the opportunity to see what it’s like to look through Brian Wilson’s eyes, or at least during the Giants championship parade this past Wednesday:

My company  sponsored a float at the giants parade and I got to ride on it…  took loads of pics and video.  Thought you might enjoy seeing/posting a video that shows the experience from the perspective of being in it…  it’s pretty insane…

Can’t wait for Lateral Geniculate Nucleus implant technology to reach the point when we can actually look through Brian Wilson’s eyes while he pitches the final strike of the World Series.  Science!


Looking at Lincecum’s Delivery

The Reuters Photographers blog is almost always a good read, and today they deconstruct this epic shot of Timmy:

Generally, the moment you are looking for is when the ball has just left the tips of the pitcher’s fingers. But in a game where the pitchers are likely to be a big part of the story (and therefore there will likely be demand for more images of them), you need to look for other moments in their delivery that look interesting.

Read on.

Work Hard and Make Radical Shit

4Q Conditioning, one of the foremost authorities on working hard and making radical shit, hips us to a rad new 2-minute video about a gang of skaters taking back some streets in Oakland:

t-mo and his friends have
been on a hardcore run of
building this renegade spot
down in an Oakland no man’s land.
you can complain about the lack
of shit you have to skate or ride
and bitch about your scene or
you can work hard and -make
radical shit-

Here it is:

The Best Giants Riot Video So Far

My budding filmmaker buddy Nico spliced together all the great high def footage he took of the craziness last night and put it over the most appropriate soundtrack imaginable to create the masterpiece shown here.  Although the general consensus seems to be that what occurred in the Mission on Monday night following the Giants’ championship victory was not a riot per se, it’s easy to understand why anyone standing in the vicinity of these shots might be inclined to suggest otherwise.

Take a look and see for yourself to relive the memories over and over again.