Apple ‘tests’ iPhone 5’s theft-tracking feature at Cava22

Woah, deja vu.

Just like last year, an iPhone prototype was “misplaced” by an Apple employee. This time, in a Mission bar! Cava22, to be exact, a place surely devoid of tech-savvy hipsters hoping to sneak a peak.

The phone was lost in late July, but using the built-in tracking features it was traced to a home in Bernal Heights. When investigators arrived and questioned the guy, he recalled being at Cava22 but denied anything about having the phone.

Suuure, dude. So someone happened to throw it in your bag and you somehow managed to keep it charged for a month?

Can’t wait to see how this develops.

[via CNet, photo by potentialpast]

Texting is king

Texting is the bomb, right? We all know it, but some haters still wanna hate. Bailey tells us what’s up:

It bothers me when I hear someone telling a story and at the end some appalled lady from across the table slams down her donut, and spits crumbs out of her mouth shouting, “and this was all over text message?”

Yeah, lady, it was.

Why is that a bad thing? Why does the text message have no value? Better question, how do phone calls have more value? I use my phone to call the doctor, schedule a Comcast appointment, or find a cab at 2 am. Real sentimental conversations. I hate phone calls.

Read on.

[Photo by Chelsea Green]

What if your life was a videogame?

A group of teens just spent the last 14 weeks answering this very question, and the fruits of their labors will be on display at a gala opening tonight at the Lab:

Work by Brienne Hong, Shaye Hong, Anthony Truong, Kim Daniel-Richardson, Brendan Conklin, Glenda Maxine Zhu, Sloan Zhu, and Tatiana Ariza.

Music provided by DJ 50Cal

Please join us for the one-night exhibition/arcade, potluck, and celebration of “My Life The Video Game.”

“My Life The Video Game,” is a 14-week workshop where teens design, program, and produce video games, based on goals, challenges, and rules in their real lives. The workshop was developed and facilitated by Marijke Jorritsma in collaboration with the Lab and San Francisco Art Institute’s City Studios program.

RSVP and invite your friends here.

Artist bios and game descriptions after the jump:

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Ghetto Scrabble

The other day our new contributor Helen was telling me about Ghetto Scrabble. You play whatever made-up words you want, so long as you can use them in a cool sentence. Sounds great, right? (We should all play soon, right?)

Then today, Sad Hawaii posts this picture of what looks like an incredible game of Ghetto Scrabble. Well done! Now somebody just needs to put together Ghetto Words With Friends.


Valencia pranksters up to something again

All has been quiet at this mysterious apartment on Valencia at Liberty since their botched escape attempt, so naturally I was intrigued as to what this latest piece of gadgetry might be.  If you’re too lazy to walk by yourself, there’s a few closer looks after the jump:

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