NYC Burrito Makers Have Weak Arms

Everyone thinks that the secret to our excellent burritos is the ingredients. New theories indicate that it’s all in the upper body strength of the maker.

The recently NYC transplanted sexpigeon has more to say on the matter.

P.S. Pret-ty sure that’s Dos Toros. A place I visited last summer and of which I posted a very similar evaluation concerning proper rolling technique:

…the pierced and tatt’ed young lady who wrapped my burrito really didn’t know what she was doing. Her end folds were way too big pushing all the contents to the middle. She tried to cover things up with an exaggerated triangle fold to bring the edges in, but this just resulted in burrito contents shooting out of the tip at a higher velocity after the second roll. The whole structural integrity of the burrito was therefore compromised, as you can see from the cracking of the overloaded bottom half…

[via sexpigeon]

The Truth About New York

Sexpigeon relocated a couple months back, and has already come to a powerful conclusion:

Whatever they tell you, New York is not a 24 hour town. Yes, there is shitball garbage open at all hours, but such is the case for any American city, for, honestly, any American suburb. And the bars stay open till 4, sure, but only the shitty ones. Your west coast two o’clock corner store rushes are a better option, honestly, for sure, yes.

Good to know! [link]

‘Greetings From the Mission’ Postcard

I put out a thinly-veiled request for someone to postcard-ize the awesome picture of SF comedians in Dolores Park, and reader “someJuan” delivered.

There were a couple more attempts in the comments, but let’s face it, someJuan clearly did the best job… and he did it all on MS Paint on Windows 3.1! The guy has skills is what I’m saying.