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Tree Tea

February 19, 2011

Tree Tea

Which has less healing value than Tea Tree. In fact, if you drank this Valencia Street original blend you may need some Tea Tree Oil to kill off some of the bacteria.

Adult Language For A Baby Tree

December 24, 2010

Stern But Polite

On Woodward.

Jem’s Journal

November 23, 2010

Anyone know Jem? She’s missing a notebook.

Found on the street.

Sunday Streets, Mission Edition, June 20

June 7, 2010

Just posted: the route map for the (first of two) Mission Sunday Streets on June 20th. Biggest difference — this year, Harrison gets carless, and it runs to 3pm instead of 2pm.

Not yet on their web site, but some details on Facebook.

As a reminder, here’s 24th St last year:

Don’t forget to move your cars this time around, OK?

Dolores Park Happenings Today

May 29, 2010

Late start today? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re still on the internet, as long as you don’t blow my cover.

There’s some cool stuff happening in the park today, so cancel that trip to San Jose. First of all, the Really Really Free Market:

The San Francisco Really Really Free Market (RRFM) meets the Last Saturday of Every Month in Dolores Park near 19th St and Dolores St. (except in the rainy season (Dec, Jan, Feb) we meet at an inside venue) Bring usable items, food, skills and talents to give for the sake of giving.

And Doctor Popular filled us in on his friend, P. Nosa, who will be in the park doing custom embroidery with his solar-powered sewing machine. He’s from Tuscon and only comes out here once a year, so be sure to check him out and bring some article of clothing to modify:

Mission Blue Streak

May 20, 2010

Something is happening in the Un-American Apparel space at 988 Valencia.

Mission Mission agents took this shot at a distance as not to arouse suspicion. Applying CSI style zoom:

Blue Fig? Hmm.

Nothing on Google (though it certainly seems to be a popular restaurant/hooka name in Ohio). Lots of permit activity at 988 Valencia via SFGov that closed on 4/23, but no specifics other than “Retail Sales”.

Blue is certainly becoming a popular prefix for Mission establishments: Blue Plate, Blue Macaw, Blue Fig. And there’s the blue Mission Cycling jerseys:

And the Mission Blue butterfly, which is making a comeback:

However, this is in direct conflict with Mission history, specifically the Mission Reds, who 80 years ago played ball a half dozen blocks away at Rec Park.

Do we require a series of red-themed establishments to keep things in balance? Or are the megaliters of tomato sauce and salsa consumed daily in pizzerias and taquerias mean we need more blue?

26 Valencia Lives Forever

May 17, 2010

@johnxorz sends us this Bay to Breakers costume honoring transportation lost. (I think you could fit a lot of beer in there.)

I miss that bus.

Any other Muni-related outfits? Maybe Nate Ford holding a giant axe and burning money?