Panoramic time-lapse video depicts jazzy evening scene outside Revolution Cafe

Ken explains:

I recently acquired some fun new toys, the first of which is a motorized telescope mount that’s popular among time-lapse enthusiasts.  Time-lapse movies are usually fairly static, but this makes it possible to introduce movement such as panning shots.

Read on for pictures of the toys in question as well as a panoramic time-lapse video of Billy Goat Hill.

UPDATE: Says Vic, “Be sure to set this to full-screen 720p and you can almost smell the casual disregard for CA state public marijuana consumption laws.”

How to stage your own rapture

If you were in Union Square on May 21st and saw some bodies floating towards the heavens, it’s probably because local science rock band the Phenomenauts staged their own rapture there. Curious about what it takes to bring about the end times? Apparently it’s no easy task: nobody sells hydrogen on judgement day, it takes a lot of balloons can lift a blow-up doll, and you need a full-size bus.

Watch their hilarious making-of video for the scoop:

Science and honor!