Marina <3

Marina people: we sure love to hate ’em, what with their clean neighborhoods and surfer-influenced fashions. Well here’s a shocker, maybe they don’t like you so much either.

But what’s the problem? We like drinking lots of beers too! As for sports? The World Cup was cool! Good, expensive food? Yes, please! Didn’t you also go to a good college? Uh-huh!

Somebody other than myself was also disturbed by this, and chalked this up on Valencia St. over the weekend:

Thank you, anonymous Mission chalker. The olive branch has been extended. Bros and hipsters… living together… mass hysteria.

NBC Posts Groundbreaking Article About Valencia St.

Watch out Brooklyn! Valencia is The New Hip Street in the City according to NBC Bay Area!

Mention of skinny jeans? Check.

Mention of ironic sunglasses? Check.

Mention of fixies? Check.

Mention of gentrification? Check.

I’m so glad our “flannel-draped” community gets to park our bikes in front “high-end restaurants” like Spork. NBC really hit the nail on the head with this one.

SF Examiner Marketing Gimmick a Lesson in Poor Judgment


Ok, I see what they’re trying to do here, and the intention is quite honorable.  Devoting front page space to a celebration of educational achievement is definitely commendable.

However, is it really necessary to force the poor person who hands out these free papers to wear a graduate cap and gown???  I’ll go out on a limb and assume that one of the primary reasons why this person has a crappy job like this is that they did not have the same advantages while growing up as the professionals who dismissively ignore their hand-off at the top of the BART escalator every morning. 

To rub it in by sticking them in a cap and gown when in all likelihood they never even had the opportunity to graduate, forcing them to endure the irony while being scornfully rebuffed by every young professional who ascends the stairs?


SF Examiner, you’re better than that.


Mission Day Laborers Rock

Mission Day Laborers Rock

Local band Monarchs (couldn’t find their website) apparently hired some day laborers to star in their music video filmed on Bernal Hill. I think I’ll just leave it at that.

From the director Joseph T.:

This a video of a day laborer rock band performing on the top of Bernal Hill.  Thought you might find it interesting.  I think the guys hang out in some of the labor camps around the Bayshore Uhaul station:

Oh, Come On

Even if we assembled a think-tank supergroup of the most cynical Mission bloggers whose sole purpose would be to come up with the best Marina zingers that the world has ever seen, there’s no way we could have come up with anything more absurd than the real thing:

(via that up-and-coming blog BoingBoing, almost as big as Mission Mission)

Update: I feel like I owe this to the Pad. Here is their explanation (via James Fallows):

I’m only sorry the intention of this drive was unclear to you. Actually, our drive was a part of a bigger organized effort spear headed by the founder of JADE yoga mat, during the weekend of the annual San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference. JADE asked studio owners, teachers, students alike to give up their old or used mats so that the thousands of suffering people in Haiti may have somewhere softer the  ground to sleep.

So yeah, it’s a misunderstanding, but you gotta admit it’s a funny misunderstanding. Like that time my math professor wrote that equation “f=avt” on the board in a way that looked like “f=art”. The class had a giggle, he set the record straight, and got over it.

Behind The Scenes At Arinell

Mission Loc@l posted a video (well, audio slideshow, really) behind the scenes at Arinell.

If you’re still on Windows 95, here’s the gist: employee Neil Aviles talks about eating “tons” of pizza (“like 3 slices… in 4 hours”… I’m pretty sure Andrew Sarkarati has broken that record), dudes passing out in the store, failed crank deals, mission gentrification, and yuppies.

Oh no he didn’t just drop the Y-bomb! Careful Neil… I got in trouble for that this week.

You Know You Want To Spend MLK Day Morning Cleaning Up 24th St!

Already donated to Haiti relief and have an itching some more philanthropy? Laurie sent us a note about some neighbors organizing a community clean-up of 24th St on Monday morning. That should bring your smugness to an all-time high!

Start 2010 with a benevolent gesture and Join your neighbors in acknowledgement of A Day of Service on Dr Martin Luther King Junior’s day.

Bring your garbage bags, a caring attitude and an interest to improve your neighborhood.

There will be two 2-hour work periods starting at 10:00 am and 12 noon: choose from either one. It is proposed that folks work in groups of 4 or less. Meet at Phils Coffee on 24th street and Folsom at either 10:00 am or 12 noon to establish/join a group.

The intention is to collect street garbage within one city block around 24th street. Alternatively there is an interest to do some weeding along Harrison street sidewalk from 22nd to 24th.

Bring large garbage bags, brooms, dustpans and gloves. If you intend to weed bring your gardening tools.Collect garbage and/or weeds in your bags and dispose of the full bags in the trash cans at the street corners. If you have any questions email Elena at

Looking forward to working with other concerned citizens!!!!

Oh, and watch out for sinkholes.