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98 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Just thought you’d like to know, there’s a new stand-up comedy night right in the heart of the Mission at the Delirium on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30. The two guys running it, Joey Divine and Joe Gorman, have only done it 3 times so far, so it’s still ramping up. But on April 30th, they’re having their most ambitious show, “Kevin’s vs. Joe’s” featuring upper-level local comics who have performed at the Punchline and all over the Bay Area.

    If you’re interested in covering the event for your blog, send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with them and forward you the flyer. I work for and run my own open-mic room at Annie’s Social Club on Tuesdays.

    I love your blog. I’ve lived on Albion Street for 12 years, so I’m hopelessly pro-Mission.


  2. your mom is a genius. does it trouble you, then that all of you cleverness may be genetic and have very little to do with anything you bring to the table? Keep up the good work man, I hope my forthcoming media blog can be half as interesting as all of this.

  3. “Allan,

    This is confidential information.
    I can’t disclose the business name unless you are interested in acquiring it.
    You are also required to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

  4. Aye, there was an apartment fire this morning on Valencia street, between 16th and 17th. Thing is, it was on the 2nd floor of the building that Limon is in. It looked like it was contained to one apartment, but I’m assuming there had to be some water damage to Limon. -Not good for one of our best restaurants.

  5. hi, your blog smells like someone who moved to the city 2 years ago and thinks they can turn this into a moneymaking scheme. and thinks living in the mission is cool. mabes your friends with brock on sfist? overall, kind of lame, starting with the name of the blog. if this is actually a personal endeavor of a recent resident, then i’m a total dick, and i’m sorry. something just smells funny.

  6. some us moved to the city as recently as nine months ago, some of us have been here five years, we all like making money, not all of us live in the mission, none of us have ever met brock, and we like the name and don’t think it is lame. also, since you seem to appreciate jonathan richman, i think you’re only kind of a dick. thanks for reading!

  7. But not only have some people moved to SF, some people are native californians who’ve grown up in the bay area. Which is rare – no?

  8. Those graffiti frogs on yopur homepage belong to a little tweaker punk, who lurks on haight st. . I won’t support this blog untill you remove those from the banner.

    Fuck this blog.

  9. Hi
    Heads up on a:


    Mission Community Council, SFPD meeting of residents, nonprofits and religious groups on Tuesday at 5 p.m. at the Mission Recreation Center.

    Mission Recreation Center 2450 Harrison St @ 20th & 21st
    USE 745 Treat St @ 20th & 21st ENTRANCE


  10. Just heard that they will be discussing the recent killings in the Mission on KQED this morning (like right now…)

    Crime in the Mission

    Seven people have been murdered in San Francisco’s Mission District in the past three weeks. We talk with community members, the mayor’s office and the police about what can be done to stem the increase in violence in the neighborhood.
    Host: Michael Krasny

  11. I have a deck that overlooks Clarion Alley. This morning, at 4:40 a.m., we were woken up by 21 gunshots. Does anyone know what happened??

  12. Just before 10pm Sunday night, I heard more than the usual number of sirens and looked out the window to see ten police cars pulling up on Cesar Chavez at Valencia. They stopped what looked like a grey SUV and arrested the five guys who were traveling in it. It was quite a dramatic scene. The cops had guns drawn, and they had the passengers get out of the car one at a time and walk backwards towards the cops with their hands in the air. Then they brought someone by for a “cold show,” which meant that a witness was sitting in a car across the street trying to ID the suspects. The whole thing took almost an hour. Does anyone know what this was about?

  13. Was at Muddy’s around 10 AM yesterday and sat next to Chuck D. Yes, Public Enemy Chuck D. At Muddys. I was in disbelief, but after he asked me to watch his laptop (a Mac) while he got a cup of coffee, I confirmed. Any other Chuck sightings in the Mission?

  14. Hi Allan,
    It’d be great if you could pass the word on the Prop 8 protest going on tonight, 5:30pm starting at Market & 7th, Civic Center.

    We’re not going down without a fight! This is the big one. Pass the word!

    Wish you went to Wednesday night’s Prop. 8 protest instead of watching Dancing with the Stars? Well, you get another chance. TONITE there will be an even bigger protest (Friday) against Prop 8. The march will start at Civic Center at 5:30 p.m., ending in Dolores Park. (Interesting that it’s not ending at an LDS temple. That seems to be what’s going on in LA today.) It will be going down Market from Seventh, continuing onto Castro and turn on 18th Street which will lead to the park.
    Really, people are pissed. We need this second protest to vent. So….have at it, folks.

  15. anyone else noticed the number of speed traps in the city? there were 4 cops on geary near arguello a few weeks back. yesterday i saw 3 in the mission. one owas at harrison and 15th another at folsom and 18th. effort to increase revenue?

  16. Hey,
    Been scouring the web for a picture of the old sign for the Tip Top Inn. Gonna have it painted for my man friend for our anniversary. That’s where we first laid beer goggles on one another. Can’t find a picture of it anywhere and somebody made off with the sign. Do you think the Mission Mission readers might be able to help?

  17. Anyone else here about 10-15 gun shots last night, around 10:45PM? At Guerrero/20th St, approximately. I can’t find any info on it, but it sure sounded like a gun, plus we saw flashes accompanying the sound.

    1. I heard the same thing, same time, different location though – near 25th and South Van Ness – assumed it was gun shots, but didn’t hear any sirens after. The sound was a little too “boom-boom” though – not enough “pop – pop”.

      1. Yeah, we didn’t hear sirens after either. It sounded like it could have been right on our corner there…

  18. Just got this e-mail from my mom (That’s right, my mom):

    Waiting to cross at Valencia on 16th heading east, a guy pulls up on a bicycle, sprays a dark green dot over some other colors on the curb over the sewer, and then dropped a 2″ X 1″ filled (don’t know with what) baggy into the sewer. A middle ageish white guy with a vest with day glow stripes. Who dat? What’s he up to? On my way, I noticed all the sewer curbs had dark green dots over other colors. So very curious.

  19. That’s a mosquito control guy. He’s dropping a non-toxic hormone-based insecticide into the storm drain so skeeters don’t breed there. He spraypaints a color code on the curb to indicate it’s been treated.
    (How do I know? I asked a guy who was doing that.)
    Awesome that they are on bicycles — unexpected!

  20. There was a shooting tonight on Florida between 21st and 20th, just a few doors down from the Pink Palace. We heard some shots and then a few minutes later there where police and emergency vehicles on the scene. We went out to check it out and I was standing by a woman giving her statement to the police and my friend noticed two shell casing at my feet. I told the police and they roped off the area.

  21. hi-

    i just moved to the Mission about a week ago. I have a photojournalism internship with the Associated Press, i like news and events…in the mean time i make many, many, many mobile images of my daily SF wanderings, a lot from the Mission- neurotically daily uploaded to a Facebook album with many family and friend admirers.

    if Mission Mission is interested in photographic contributions, let me know.


    Russel A. Daniels

  22. Hi Dudes… Thanks for the rockin blog. Does anybody know what happened to I loved reading that blog every day, but it hasn’t been updated since 7/24.

  23. Oops. Thanks for using my picture from the skateboarding competition, but the link isn’t working. Can you fix it with this link?

    Grl can sk8

    – Thanx
    – Jon

  24. Any chance of getting the “snapshot” plugin turned off?

    If you don’t want it, I think this will turn it off:

    -> Presentation -> Extras is where you can turn it off
    uncheck “Enable Snap Previews anywhere on this blog” and then click “Update Extras” to save.

  25. Hi ya’ll../ Is this thing on? Hey I am opening up a gorgeous vintage boutique on 20th street. I live inthe same building and ah hem… I am an Native of SF. Is that unheard of? Anyhoo.. how can I get some publiciity? xoxoxox Dj’s weekly as well… xoxox

  26. homie (well not thug but brown, and decently dressed with backpack) knocks over recycling bin, tossing bottles at cars/ busses/ scooters at 21/mish this am ~7:30. with every toss says “you go pick it up!” i called the cops

    1. Cranky Old Mission Guy, those instructions were for Mission Mission to do on their Word Press server, I don’t know how to turn it off in Firefox or IE, though I’d love to hear.

  27. Hello!

    This original rap and accompanying youtube video created by Sunset (sorry, not mission, but SF native nonetheless) native, Emil Deandreis, celebrates San Franciscans obsession with the discount chain store “Ross (Dress For Less).” The entire video was filmed at various locations in San Francisco. Thank you for taking the time to review it, here is the link:

  28. Yo, MM blog…
    Saw a strange site heading down Guerrero today about 3pm…
    A man was on a rampage down the street, knocking over some parked mopeds and throwing himself on the hoods of cars. Didnt appear to be homeless or crazy, but more in the throws of a serious LSD or other drug related craziness. Anyway, thought ya’ll might have your ear to the ground (or ye olde police scanner).

    Hope the dude didnt get run over.

  29. Random!! I read that you guys were wanting a new mascot to replace the 2 frogs in the header. I keep Cartoon Brew in my RSS reader right below Mission Mission. Today they posted about Mish Mish:

    He’s public domain by now. In case you want some crudely animated antique egyptian propaganda, that’s as far as I can possibly think of from having anything to do with the Mission.

  30. Last night around 10:45pm there was a hit-and-run at mission and 18th street – a pedestrian was run over completely by a car, which then sped off. It was about the most awful thing I’ve ever seen. Have you guys heard anything about it?

  31. A car parked on Mission Street was pointed south and pulled out quickly from a parking spot after someone driving by seemed to shout/throw something at the car. After the car pulled out it accelerated quickly and then gunned the engine turning right (west) onto 18th street. The pedestrian was in the crosswalk and basically was mowed down as the car went by.

    A fire truck, police, and ambulance were there pretty quickly. It was a pretty scary thing to see in our neighborhood!

  32. The SF birding community is puzzled and excited by some unusual Mission bird residents. I’m a geek, but I think this is really cool. Black Crowned Night-Herons are roosting on Dolores. Heron Skyler Mendoza hasn’t headed North yet. Caught a few shots here:

    Heron Skyler Mendoza

  33. Wondering if you knew what the new place going in on Valencia is (cross is 22nd) with the stone and exposed wood. I asked the guys working on the place and they said it’s a restaurant. Wondered if you know anything about it?

    1. crikes! you found me! yeah, she’s a high school bio teacher for a bunch of stuck up rich girls in pasadena (present company excluded of course!). did you know my sister katie who went there too?

  34. not only did i know your sister, she was in the class above me. ha. she was good friends with my sister. we were the only persians in the whole school.
    i remember your mom mentioning you and your band the l-m-n-o-p’s i always thought that was hilarious. your mom was seriously my favorite teacher. she is so awesome.

    ps i can’t argue that all the girls there aren’t stuck up.

  35. Any ideas of what happened last night at 14th and Guerrero? I could see the police but not the actual guy they were screaming at, “Put down the knife! etc.” Then it sounded like maybe they shot him with that beanbag gun and then a couple real gunshots. Of course, the folks in the bar nearby were just hanging on the corner watching the whole thing from across the street. That’s how you know you’ve seen too much.

  36. Anybody know what happened last night @ or by Beauty Bar? Police cars, firetrucks, crowds on the street, oh my!!

  37. Matt Strauss’s “Heirloom” @ 21st and Folsom: private opening tonight May 7th??

    some notes from a chat with wait staff posted to the Nov. 2009 post on MissionMission

  38. Gunshots last night on 20th and Florida around 5am.
    People on foot and running right below my window.
    No ambulance, so maybe nobody got hit or injured? Anybody got any information.

    Then of course the pinche mocking birds started up and I was basically up for the rest of the morning. There’s a reason why they have to go out of their way to tell you not to kill a mocking bird.

  39. What the f happened with some guy running down bicyclists last night in the Mission/Potrero Hill? The news is sparse…

  40. Because, like, no one knows anything.

    Except, maybe, SFPD, and they’re, like, not saying until they arrest the drunk-ass motherfucker who did the deed.

    ‘Cause they don’t understand the power of 24/7 blogging!

  41. anyone know what’s up with rock nation cafe on 21st and alabama? is it good? is it owned by the same folks who own rosamunde? i see the metal dude with the bandanna there everyday. what’s the scoop, missionmission?

  42. I think you should do a post on how Shotwell is the most beautiful street in the Mission. I think folks may say Valencia, but they would be wrong. It has truly stunning people walking to and fro, but the street? Not so much, it’s a commercial strand. How about Dolores? Nah, it’s the border between the encroaching Castro at the 18th St end and further south it’s Baja Noe. 24th? Are you kidding me? It’s great to walk between Papalote at one end and Dynamo at the other, great coffee can be had at at least 3 places. But again commercial, and what with the strollers it’s not as beautiful in walking human terms as Valencia. Now I live on Folsom, and you may argue it’s beauty. The allee is indeed gorgeous but the fact that is four lanes ruins it. That brings me to Shotwell. It shares tree lining with Folsom yet it is informal. I was walking down it today and was struck by its loveliness. There are many old, pre-quake, houses. They are well kept. There were many folks sitting on their stoops. There were several grills fired up cooking meat. I saw some kids playing. I saw one sexy-as-hell girl. Oh god Shotwell is there anything you can’t do? My first place in the Mission was at the far North end. It was a railroad flat and it was dirt cheap. That was 1992. Junkies often parked their cars in front and shot up. But I forgive. My landlord had AIDS. He didn’t make it the 2 years I was there. He was cool and it was sad he left. He planted 2 ficus trees in front. One night The 20-something chick upstairs had a party. Hipster dufii, drunk and disorderly, swung around the tree and dislodged it from its shallow roots. Needless to say I was pissed. I carefully replanted the tree and re-staked it. I watered it and hoped for the best. It was the least I could do for my old landlord. That tree is now huge. It stands next to its paired tree almost as tall as the old railroad flats. Here is the tree. It’s on the left, its partner on the right.,-122.218714&sspn=1.037621,1.686401&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Shotwell+St+%26+14th+St,+San+Francisco,+California+94103&ll=37.766542,-122.416534&spn=0.008108,0.013175&z=16&layer=c&cbll=37.76646,-122.41652&panoid=UvRFQx1Wb7-HypIbED9Jng&cbp=12,63.05,,0,6.03

  43. Yesterday, around 5pm, we passed what looked like a large funeral procession on Dolores between 17th and 18th. Dolores was pretty much blocked off by large crowds of people, and, at the heart, was a small band and a large alter covered in purple decorations and large photos of…something? In a quick drive by, we couldn’t tell. Any idea of what this was for?

  44. Hey Folks,

    “Tubby Tagger” is not ok and you know it. Please retract or remove that article. I don’t understand why that was appropriate or funny.


  45. In this article( about Dave Eggers, the English author compares the Mission to Camden London. Never been to Camden, is it true? Is the Mission like Camden? Or is it like Berlin or some part of Brooklyn? I once read that Chicago, LA, and New York were the jocks and cheerleaders in high school and San Francisco and Amsterdam were the cool kids huddled in the back of the room mocking the whole thing. So what is it? Also, on a video posted on Uptown Almanac, KQED declares the New York Times declares that the mission is the hippest neighborhood. Is that true, I see a lot of schlubs walking around (including me.) I keep singing the Dave Frishberg song “I’m Hip” in my head (“when it was hip to be hep I was hep.”) The song is really about how uncool he is. Maybe the Mission is like that?

  46. Hi. Me and my partner are putting on a free event, that’s happening this Sunday, the 13th of Feb.
    It’s a popular cafe in Berkeley called, Local 123.
    it’s an art show/ craft fair with a stellar list of participating artists including Alika Cooper, Marci Washington, Deth P Sun, Kara Joslyn and many others including my partner and myself. Products will vary from drawings and books to clothing and jewelry to sculptures. We’re trying to give the public an alternative and fun way to shop for Valentines gifts, while having a drink and eating food at the same time. Oh, we’ll also be grilling delicious Takoyaki on site.
    The event will be a one day only thing, and will run from 2pm- 8pm
    Full list of participants and other information is listed on out site/blog

    thank you so much
    -Teppei (and Riki)

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