Graffiti Interpretation: Plague vs. Plaque

plagueor, originally uploaded by MissionMission.

So, does this say “plague” or “plaque”? It works either way. On one hand, plagues produce disembodied skulls and stuff. On the other, this particular skull looks like it has plaque dripping from its teeth. Typographically speaking, it works both ways too. Any thoughts? Photographed on the northeast corner of 16th & Guerrero.

Riding the 14X to the Outer Mission

14X, originally uploaded by MissionMission.

The other day we were heading back to the Mission from Downtown at rush hour, and we hopped on a 14X on a whim, not really knowing what the “X” meant. Turns out, the “X” means the bus bypasses the Mission District altogether, getting on the 101 South at 6th Street and not stopping until it’s halfway to Daly City.

It was a fun ride though, what with the not wearing a seatbelt at 60 miles per hour and the views of the city and the sunset and everything.

SF Weekly a Fake-Ass Scenester

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The cover story in last week’s SF Weekly (more like SF Weakly) proclaims that Greg Ashley’s music “demands that you shut up and listen.” So are we to infer from this that SF Weekly generally DOESN’T LISTEN to the music it writes about and reviews and claims to advocate? They have a “reviews” section every week, but are we to understand that this is the first time they’ve deigned to listen to something before writing it up? Here at Mission Mission, we tend to think the chief reason to put music on is to LISTEN to it. We LIKE listening to music. We don’t need someone to “demand” that we do it.

Mission “Hipsters”

mission hipsters wait for brunch, originally uploaded by maximolly.

Yelper Jeff A., in his assessment of some random Marina bar, brought up a serious Mission-related issue, one we’ve often referred to as “crack addict or hipster?”

Jeff says:

  • Blue Light is, quite literally, the only game in town on a Tuesday night, aside from Milk. Chodes or thugs, respectively… take your pick.So here we go: Blue Light’s Taco Tuesday by the numbers, as observed over a three-hour period:
  • Tacos: $1
    Coronas: $2
    Margaritas: $3
    Nachos: $3.75
    Striped Shirts: 34
    Backwards Baseball Caps: 13 (!)
    Fake Tits: 5 pair (10)
    Volume: 8
    Douchode Quotient: 7.5
  • So yeah, it’s douche deluxe, and you’ll likely want to murder a significant fraction of the clientele, but that’s a small price to pay considering there are actual “hot chicks” here.I mean, let’s get real.
  • The other day I saw a pregnant woman at a bar in the Mission and absentmindedly (ok, “stonedly”) thought to myself, “Oh, that’s great. What a blessing.” Then I realized it was just a fat hipster.
  • This very afternoon, I happened upon a young lady crossing 16th St. wearing some sort of brightly-colored prosthetic apparatus on what appeared to be her injured leg; closer inspection revealed that it was merely a garish leg-warmer of some sort.
  • Seems like these days it’s the dope boho shizz to appear as though you have a serious health condition. I shall be teh PIMP HOTNESS of the Valencia St. corridor once my prosthetic goiter and sparkly colostomy bag arrive.

I mean, we hate the Marina, and we have no real reason to side with this Jeff A. character, but his argument is kind of solid.

HDR Photography of the Mission District

two of these things are not like the others, originally uploaded by ehoyer.

Today we read a Boing Boing post about the release of a new PDF how-to guide to HDR (high dynamic range) photography. Boing Boing recommended checking out the HDR group on Flickr, which we did, but we were disappointed that, of the 40 or so thousand photos in the group’s pool, only a scant few featured our favorite neighborhood, eminently photogenic though it is.

Do be sure to look closely at those windows across the street.

Carnitas at Taqueria Can-Cún! Finally!


Note the sheet of hot-pink printer paper in the upper-left corner of Can-Cún’s menu. It announces excitedly that carnitas is now available. We can’t even begin to recall how many times we’ve heard some first timer bemoaning the lack of carnitas here: “They’re voted Best Burrito and they don’t even have carnitas?! Wha!?”

Apparently they were tired of hearing same, so they rectified the situation (at both Mission locations). What gives anyway? Why did Can-Cún eschew carnitas for long? And why did they finally give in?