Don’t get doored

Streetsblog made this illustration of how bike lanes are actually smaller than they might look, because you have to avoid doors. Here’s a good factoid:

According to the SFMTA, dooring is the second most common form of injury collision involving cyclists, behind unsafe speed, though the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) points out that dooring is the highest injury collision type caused by motorists or their passengers.

For goodness’ sake, don’t get doored! I see so many people riding really close to parked cars, traveling at high enough speeds that if a door pops open they’re fucked.

Read on for news about some possible changes coming to SF bike lanes. But the main thing is, stay out of the door zone, for goodness’ sake!

[via jwz]

Pica Pica wall keeps changing


But these guys are not half-assing it. Solid art.

Kevin sees the new piece as homophobic, depicting Dan Plasma as a feminine tiger (sitting on flowers, long eyelashes). We know there’s controversy here. We know how Mike Giant feels about it. In a way it’s pretty amazing to be able to watch a dialogue play out through amazing artwork on a wall. We just wish it came with less beef.

Sparkly sidewalks

Readers Nick and Sarah wrote in with an interesting question:

On Valencia, most of the new sidewalk (roughly 15th to 20th st) has an excellent sparkly nature to it.  Something has been mixed into the concrete to give it a sparkly (most lovely under streetlights at night).   We want to replicate this…. but what is it?  Quartz? Gold?  No one seems to know….. do you guys have an answer?

Although we’ve noticed this on Mission Street as well, we do not have the answer (although I highly doubt it’s gold).  Do you?

[Photo by Marco Valtas]

Purse/identity thefts at Mission bars continue

Another one happened at the Make-Out Room this evening. The victim had her purse right next to her, hanging on a hook with a jacket over it. Next thing she knows, the jacket is on the floor and the purse is gone. She looks for a it for a bit, reports it to the staff, goes home, starts canceling her cards. Already there is illicit activity on her accounts. Within minutes of the theft!

This ring is speedy, people. Keep your stuff close. Tell your friends.


Shot in the head (because of a case of mistaken identity)

Mission Local reports:

A 22-year-old cook who had just gotten off work at Hogs and Rock was shot and critically wounded at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday as he stood on San Carlos, just around the corner from the restaurant, witnesses said.

Police are saying that it looks like a case of mistaken identity and they are looking for two male suspects between the ages of 25 and 30.

A witness who lives in the building above Hogs & Rocks said she heard two young men ask the cook, who is also the father of two children, if he was in a gang. “No, no,” the cook responded.

Read on.

UPDATE: Our buddy Wesley was there as well. Here’s what he saw and heard:

I was watching a movie. I hear two gun shots, which were distinctly outside of the movie and sounded very premeditated, with a one second interval between them. I cracked my blinds and saw about five people standing around a body in front of Hog and Rocks, talking about witnesses. It took about a minute for several emergency vehicles (including police cruisers) to come in from every direction. I watch someone do emergency CPR for what felt like close to 15 minutes. Later, a crime scene investigator who had examined the body and the surrounding area walked by my window on the phone and said the gunman walked up to the victim and shot him twice in the head and walked off.

Also, we added the above photo by @codykung (via @docpop and Ariel).