HDR Photography of the Mission District

two of these things are not like the others, originally uploaded by ehoyer.

Today we read a Boing Boing post about the release of a new PDF how-to guide to HDR (high dynamic range) photography. Boing Boing recommended checking out the HDR group on Flickr, which we did, but we were disappointed that, of the 40 or so thousand photos in the group’s pool, only a scant few featured our favorite neighborhood, eminently photogenic though it is.

Do be sure to look closely at those windows across the street.

Carnitas at Taqueria Can-Cún! Finally!


Note the sheet of hot-pink printer paper in the upper-left corner of Can-Cún’s menu. It announces excitedly that carnitas is now available. We can’t even begin to recall how many times we’ve heard some first timer bemoaning the lack of carnitas here: “They’re voted Best Burrito and they don’t even have carnitas?! Wha!?”

Apparently they were tired of hearing same, so they rectified the situation (at both Mission locations). What gives anyway? Why did Can-Cún eschew carnitas for long? And why did they finally give in?