Skate Plaza Rendered

sf skate plaza

Designs are in! I can’t wait for them to actually build it so they can then render it a lot like this for the next Tony Hawk game. Please tell me you’ll be able to enter Zeitgeist and shred the picnic tables.

DLX has tons more images here. Folks sound happy about it in the comments: “this is going to be the dopest thing to hit the city since koston at hubba.”


Million Dollar Skate Park

Nice Day for a Scavenger Hunt


Saturday 18 Reasons hosts an art opening and scavenger hunt. Among the artists featured is Mission Mission pal Ariel Dovas (eviloars on Flickr) who says, “The basics are that you hang out with some art, then you buy maps to go hunting for other art hidden around the neighborhood. Guaranteed to be awesome.”

And if that’s not enough to sell you, have a look at this KQED account of a previous 18 Reasons scavenger hunt event, complete with pictures and play by play:

Epic Saturday: 18 Reasons’ Hare & Hounds

(Thanks, Ariel! Thanks, Emmanuel!)