$1 PBR and $0 PB&J at Doc’s Clock Tonight

Broke-Ass Stuart is back again with one of his now infamous Still Broke As Fuck nights at Doc’s Clock.  If you somehow haven’t yet heard, these are awesome because honestly where else can you get a free PB&J sandwich to go along with PBR’s for a buck all night long?  Toss in some soul music and giant Connect Four and you’ve got the best cheap date (dinner, drinks, entertainment) in town!

The fun starts at 9:30pm.  See you there!

Broke-Ass $1 PBR at Doc’s Clock Tonight

Although the going price of PBR in Mission bars consistently maintains at a steady (and reasonable) $2 (unless that foolish drinking tax gets passed), anytime you have a chance to get wasted at half that price, you have to take it.  Throw in 4 foot tall Connect Four set up (current score–Sarkarati 1, Sexpigeon 0–although my next opponent Kanye West will be a tough one) and you’ve got your Wednesday all figured out!  Thanks Broke-Ass Stuart!

Now, this also brings up an interesting question of bar tipping etiquette.  When you order one PBR, you tip $1, but when you order, say, three PBRs, do you also tip $3?  Does it make any difference how much the drink costs?  Should you tip more for labor intensive ones since they take longer to make?  Does the mixology of a Bloody Mary warrant the same tip as the flick of a pop-top on a can or the addition of Jameson to a glass of ice cubes?

What say you?


Doc’s Clock Really Does Have the Nicest Bathroom Ceilings

But They Don’t Have NO JUKE

Broke-Ass Stuart’s Broke Bucks

Hey, it looks like our pal Broke-Ass Stuart just got into the coupon game!  And, by the looks of things, he must be doing something right because his current coupon for Little Star Pizza is already selling faster than twinkies at a fat farm!  Listen to Stuart lay down the plans for his new venture:

The basic idea behind it is that I’m only gonna be bringing the illist shit I can.  It’s not gonna be stupid touristy stuff like 50% off riding the Duck Boats in the Bay.  It’s gonna be excellent food and drink spots as well as everybody’s favorite local brands.  I’m not a big corporation with start up capital, I’m a local dude trying to make everyone’s lives better.  Local business get paid while local people get something special.

Knowing him, he’s got some really dope shit lined up for his next deals.  If I were you I’d sign up for his Broke Bucks mailing list immediately and try to get one of these Little Star coupons before they sell out!