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To: Philz; From: Everyone

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to Philz!

The priciest cup in the Mission just got pricier. Starting January 1st, a cup will set you back 25 more cents, while a pound will cost an extra buck. Hey, they’ve got to offset the cost of the cocaine they sprinkle into each scoop somehow.

Jacob Jaber invites you to email him directly if you have questions or concerns at jacobjaber at philzcoffee dot com where you will likely get the autoreply of, “It’s the economy, guys.”

Head over to anthonybrown’s Flickr for the scoop.

Coffee Wars Episode I – The Fandom Menace

October 8, 2010

I actually know a couple of veterans of the Coffee Wars. Most of them switched to tea. A few defectors are said to still be in hiding at McLaren park.

[via the entire internet, and Killing My Lobster]

Four Barrel Turns 2 Today

August 30, 2010

It’s hard to believe that our favorite warehouse-occupying, wifi-hating, coffee-snob-making coffee house is only 2 years old today. Happy Birthday, Four Barrel!

To celebrate, they are pouring free coffee until 4pm.

[Hat tip: Mission Loc@l]

The Rhiannon Special

April 19, 2010

Rhiannon brags:

I’ve managed, with my superior skill, to convince Alex at Rodger’s Coffee, which serves delicious coffees AS WELL AS Strauss Organic Ice Cream (none of this yogurt hooha) to make me coffee milkshakes, by pouring the hot espresso into ice cream in a plastic togo cup, then stirring it until perfect, and adding a bit of milk.

It’s called “The Rhiannon Special”.



Your Milkshake Would Bring All the Boys to the Yard

Off-Menu Ordering in the Mission

Pup & Grind

November 25, 2009

Amber writes in with an update on Four Barrel’s business model and accompanying photo:

Four Barrel has returned to it’s roots and reopened the alley for coffee service!

In addition to the full cafe in the front, you can now get tasty espresso and coffee drinks to enjoy in one of SF’s picturesque alleyways, located around the back of the cafe/roastery on Valencia between 14th and 15th.

Enter off 15th, just east of Valencia, and walk down Caledonia alley.

Glad to hear the shop is keeping it real.  Looking forward to scoping out the new barista (or should I say BARKista, HELLO!) in person.

P.S.  If anyone can think of a pun that incorporates both dogs and coffee, PLEASE, for the love of blog, help a girl out.

Last Chance for Stumptown Coffee at Four Barrel

January 17, 2009

Reader mcas reports that tonight is our last chance to get Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee at Four Barrel:

Dont know if its worth a post but today is last day of stumptown coffee at 4 barrel. They start serving their own roasts tomo

You can buy the lbs of their roast now.. but they are finishing off their stumptown inventory today… So as of tomo, sf will again be stumptown free.

I’m not really a coffee drinker myself, but I’m told yes it’s worth a post. Thanks, mcas!

Update: Chris K. responds, “not so!  dynamo donuts on 24th and york uses stumptown.”

Secondary update: mcas defends his original statement: “Nope, Chris K. Dynamo has gotten their Stumptown from Four Barrel’s contract… and they will also be receiving 4 Barrel as of now.”

Four Barrel Ethiopian

September 28, 2008

Who loooves coffee!? Coffee Like Wine does, and they’ve just reviewed some of the best Four Barrel Coffee has to offer:

[T]he Kocherie was a dead ringer for Darjeeling tea, with a lithe mouthfeel and astringent and spicy flavors in the mouth. On the nose I got that black tea scent as well as a candied fruit, something like those chewy, sugar coated orange slices candy that you pick up from a convenience store, two for $1.

Wow! Read a lot more here.

Photo by .chickpea.