Your Favorite Cranky Old Guy In The Mission

Our very own Cranky Old Mission Guy is jumping on the post-random-crap-you-see-around-The-Mission-on-Flickr-as-if-the-fact-that-it’s-in-The-Mission-means-that-it-deserves-a-space-on-the-internet bandwagon.

He’s getting some neat stuff. Unfortunately he is reserving all the rights, so I don’t want to embed them here, knowing how cranky he gets. I’ll describe a few choice pics, though.

• This one is a sign that instructs a passerby on where the restroom isn’t. As well as the classic 3 person cleanup.

• This one shows the lengths that people go to in our crime-ridden neighborhood to protect their most cherished belongings.

• This one ruins your childhood best friend. It’s been too long, you stuttering soul.

• Finally, this one shows someone experimenting projecting negative energy in a variety of ways.