Fire at Mission & 22nd St

So much for sparing the air… This fire has been raging at the Sketcher’s building at the corner of Mission & 22nd street since about 6:30pm, and it’s now close to 8pm and seems to only be getting larger.

MissionMission Fire at Mission and 22nd

[via ABC7news]


The fire appears to be centered on the building on the Northwest corner of 22nd and Mission, which houses Popeye’s.  The Sketchers building seems to be safe at the moment, thanks to the efforts of the SFFD.


SF Gate reports that 6 people have been injured and that 1 person has been killed.  Besides Popeye’s, the building was also a residence for dozens of families.  The SFFD was able to rescue several people trapped there, but the fire is still raging at this time as they continue to work to contain it.

Fund set up for victims of Monday’s fire

[pic by George Belle]

Friends and neighbors of some tenants displaced by yesterday’s fire on Valencia Street have set up a fund to help them get back on their feet.

At 1pm on October 28th, our friends’ apartment at 25th and Valencia in San Francisco’s Mission District caught on fire (the cause is still being determined). Luckily, our friends noticed the fire and were able to get everyone out of the building before it was completely engulfed in flames. By the evening, when firefighters escorted them one at a time back inside the destroyed building to search for belongings, they found little left intact. Most of their posessions have been lost, and they are now without a place to live. Please help our friends get back on their feet by donating what you can!

The money raised here will be given over to the five tenants at 1448 Valencia to divvy up between those affected, so that they can replace some of what was lost.


UPDATE: Our pal Leef from Mission: Comics & Art tells us that EHS Pilates, at 1452 Valencia, are also looking for some help today (Tuesday):

EHS was effected by a 3 alarm fire yesterday and suffered severe water and smoke damage. We are here at the studio NOW (12noon) trying to salvage everything else. We are looking for a little help here. If you can spare an hour today to help move props, books, etc. or just stand outside and make sure no one walks away with our equipment. Any help you can give us right now would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you. Carrie

Donate to Capp & 23rd fire victims

Consider helping out our neighbors affected by Saturday morning’s fire. From the Capp and 23rd Fire Victim’s Support Facebook page:

Clothing donations are already coming in. Thank you!

New drop off time added for 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. on Monday, 12/31, at 1050 South Van Ness Ave.

You can still drop off donations tonight … (yes, New Year’s Eve, 12/31/12) between 8pm-10pm also at 1050 South Van Ness.

On 1/2/13 or later, you can bring donations to 938 Valencia St. between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

As I said earlier, the Dolores Shelter Program will make arrangements to get these donations to the affected people as soon as possible.

(Thanks, Laurie!)

Accepting donations for those affected by the recent fire at Valencia and Duboce

After Sunday’s fire displaced at least 37 Mission District residents, Ellen from the McCoppin Hub Neighborhood Association writes to let us know:

The San Francisco Friends School at 250 Valencia St is hosting a quick
donation drive [Tuesday] through Friday in their lobby from 8am-6pm daily.
Top requested items are new/gently-used clothing for adults and kids,
toiletries, blankets. (Housewares and other items may be part of a
future drive at another location when the immediate needs have been

SF Friends School is also hosting a Neighborhood Meeting to discuss
what is needed and co-ordinate efforts on Thursday May 10th, 5-6pm. A
Red Cross Representative will attend. All community members and other
aid organizations are welcome. Please join to show your support and
brainstorm what we can do next.

[photo by nancymancias]

4 alarm fire at Valencia and Duboce


A 2 alarm fire is raging at Valencia and Duboce, at a multi-story apartment building across the street from Zeitgeist.

I can smell it from 22nd and hear the sirens. I hope everyone’s OK.

Update (1:35pm):

It was upped to a 4 alarm fire. Witnesses reported an explosion prior. The blaze is under control now. 37 people will be displaced and there were 5 injured including 3 firefighters who were victims of a collapsed staircase. Scary stuff. Read on at Mission Loc@l.

[photo by nancymancias]

Fire between buildings

(pic by me)

Last night around 11pm a fire caught between the building that houses Cha Cha Cha and the one that holds Specchio on Mission Street.

(pic by Erika)

The two buildings are just a couple inches apart, so the firefighters seemed to have a difficult time making sure they fire was completely extinguished.

Shutting Down Mission Street
(pic by me)

They brought the hoses to the roof and sprayed down into the narrow space, which would send a vertical sheet of water out at the gawkers.

(pic by me)

There were a lot of gawkers (present company of course included), coming out of the bars, probably wanting any excuse to get away from creepy Marina bros in Dr. Teeth.

Fortunately it looked as if there was no serious damage to either of the buildings, and nobody was injured. Plus I got to hear some good lines from the fireman to some drunk ladies excited at seeing some real men in action on their night out.

Fireman: “So, what are you guys drinking tonight?”

Well, I guess you don’t really need a good line if you’re in a fireman uniform and holding a 3 foot ax.

Benefit for victims of last night’s fire

There’s already a benefit show being organized for tomorrow to benefit the victims of last night’s fire in La Lengua. The residents of the building lost nearly all their possessions and are without a place to live. Here’s the full release from facebook:

Hey Ya’ll

Many of you saw or heard about the devastating fire that happened on Mission and Valencia last night. The house that took the brunt of the damage was actually a house full of amazing friends who many of you may know and love. It looks as though the fire destroyed most or all of their possessions and made the house uninhabitable for the foreseeable future.

Currently the residents are without homes, clothes, and other basic necessities and could really use assistance getting back on their feet. The four people who lost their home are all amazing people who have been active vibrant parts of our queer community in San Francisco and have always shown their strongest support for the needs of others. Now its our turn to show our support and bring together the generosity and might of our community to support them in this time of need.

El Rio has generously allowed us to take over their front room on Friday night for an emergency benefit to raise funds for these four amazing folks to purchase the basics they need to stay afloat. Please please please spread the word about this event on facebook and elsewhere and come out, dig deep and share your $$ with folks who really need it right now. At the door there will be someone collecting cash to be distributed directly to the victims of the fire, so just make sure that person gets your donation, come in, have some drinks hangout on the patio and dance a bit if you like.

Also, El Rio will also be donating 100% of their bar proceeds from 8-9pm directly to the four folks affected so come early, donate and drink.

Brown Amy & I are going to be DJ’ing & anyone else who would like to be involved by DJ’ing, speaking, whatever please contact me and let me know.

*** If you are unable to attend you can make your donations via Paypal to ***

Friday, April 8th
El Rio
3158 Mission Street
Donations suggested – as generous as you can be

[Thanks to Cat for the heads up and the flyer design]

Update: If cash aint your thing, donate stuff. Tom says:

In terms of clothes if anyone could donate some size 13 shoes or mens pants with a 31/32 or 36 waist that would be really amazing. Shirts, Mediums and larges… MUNI Passes, grocery gift cards, things like that too!


Fire 1, Boogaloos 0

No, they’re not rennovating.  A small fire that started in the kitchen last night forced SFFD to arrive on the scene and hose down the popular brunch spot.  By morning a pile of rubbish had already been cleared outside, but the damage inside appeared to be minimal.  So don’t worry; by the time the weekend arrives, you should be able to wait 30 minutes for a table again!

UPDATE!!!  According to Mission Local, they opened at 9:30am this morning!

16th and Caledonia Fire Was Allegedly Arson

The current theory held by residents of the building that burned this Saturday is that the blaze was started by by a recently-evicted tenant. The disgruntled tenant allegedly set a mattress on fire and left the gas stove on as an act of revenge. SF Appeal has more on this development.

I have a couple of friends who lived in the building who lost a great deal of their belongings. It’s not the fire that causes all the damage. Water from the sprinklers does a lot of harm, too. I hope for their sake they find this (alleged) asshole.

As you may have heard, there was also an unrelated shooting involving three victims on the corner of 17th and Mission later that evening. Not a good night for that block.

[Photo by Army of Robots]


Fire on 16th and Caledonia

Dolores Park Fire Dance

I’ve been really digging packlercat’sTwilight” photo album this morning.  This fire dance scene was particularly interesting: not only did he snap a bunch of cool shots but I noticed that they only people enjoying this spectacle where people with cameras in front of their eyes.  I know everyone wants to be the Ansel Adams of Dolores Park, but it’s getting to be a rare day I peep a cool scene without a million urban tourists spoiling it with flash photography.  When is “kill your dSLR” going to become the counter-culture cause du jour?  Can I join the party?