Brian Wilson writing Giants-themed graffiti on area wall

Suck it, property owners! Cool tag, Brian!

(Kinda weird how he’s hovering six inches off the sidewalk though, right?)

[via Storts]

UPDATE: From the looks of his Facebook page, the artist seems to be from Philly. Here’s an exchange with a fan on his wall:

Anthony Mangano: I hate Brian Wilson

Get up: HAHA I expect lots of that! They love him out here tho, doin it for the people haha

Sirron Norris Studio Bricked

Lydia Chávez at Mission Loc@l reports that a brick was hurled through the window of the Sirron Norris Studio on Valencia Street.

Lame for sure.

Source of the photo and the rest of the story here.

Also from Mission Loc@l, a new Reyes piece in the making on the Walgreens at 23rd and Mission.

Sirron Norris was previously covered on Mission Mission here.