The Mystery of the Hanging Pigeon

There is a hanged pigeon outside my window. I take no joy in this. Evidence seems inconclusive to me as far as cause of death. Accidental? Maybe it got caught in this plastic bag and then hooked on the fence. Murder? A trap? Dinner?

UPDATE: I climbed up and freed the bird, also getting what I believe to be an answer to the primary question. Any guesses?


Pigeon snuggles up with owl statue

Don’t invest in owl statue stock today. I have a feeling the entire pigeon scareowl industry is going down as the result of this damning snap at 16th and Capp that Mr. Eric Sir posted yesterday.

He adds:

While we may sit back and laugh at the apparent stupidity of the pigeons, sometimes I question whether we’re any less stupid.

That’s right, it’s time to start paying attention to pigeons. They don’t seem to have a problem chowing down on their fellow birdkind. They’ve even learned to ride BART. Next they’ll be taking our jobs and they wont need us around anymore. Hitchcock was right.

[via Mr. Eric Sir]


Arlen captured this sad pigeon a few months back.

Could this explain the tragic pigeon cannibalism we see all too often in the Mission? Kind of like when hungry Looney Tunes characters see each other as dinner?

Though let’s be honest — this is in poor taste. Cheetos suck when compared to Hawkins Cheezies.

These are *so* much better than Cheetos you have NO IDEA. Hell, *I’d* eat a pigeon if it had a bag of Cheezies on its head.

(Also, the image search for Cheetos is pretty damn freaky.)

Hawaiian Pigeon Vacation

MM reader John B. recently took a vacation to Hawaii to get away from the pigeony grit that coats our fair neighborhood, but it didn’t exactly work out the way he planned:

we kayaked up the wailua river, went on a short hike to this waterfall and the first thing we saw was this nasty ass, broke down island pigeon.  i know pigeons are a big topic on mm, thought i’d warn you of one place you may not want to go if you’re trying to take a vacation from pigeons.

This pigeon seems to be enjoying a fairly envious life, unlike this curious little fellow I found on Mission Street yesterday (after the jump, NotSafeForMoms, but scientists are encouraged)

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