Save Rent Control Poster by Eric Drooker

This sure is a beauty: San Francisco as a bright, shining fortress from which mothers, bums and elderly are booted by the big black wingtip of the elite. It’s a gripping story, told wordlessly in a single panel, by artist Eric Drooker, who is known in part for his wordless graphic novels Flood! and Blood Song, seen here:

Link to, where you can purchase these and lots more, and learn about Drooker’s musical slide show performances, which are amazing too.

Link to No on 98.

Maybe the Best Multipanel Sidewalk Stencil Graffiti Ever?

That’s right, to celebrate the announcement that Mayor Newsom is getting married again, it’s a sidewalk-stencil graffiti street-art ode to “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield — starring Newsom and Ruby Rippey Tourk. See all photos and make them bigger here, or visit them in person on 20th Street between Dolores and Guerrero. Best wishes!

Jessie’s Girl on Wikipedia.

Jessie’s Girl on YouTube.

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