17th & Valencia Art Wall Moved Inside!

Valencia Art Wall Moved Inside

We previously linked to Mr. Eric Sir’s post about the street art put up on this boarded up storefront. Well, now the owners of the building (I assume) took down the plywood and OSB from the front of their store, but seemed interested in saving the art put up on the wall, selecting key pieces and setting them up just inside the windows. Vandalism becomes window display!

Sorry, MacGruber ads, but the street art stays. “This movie’s about to bomb! Quick, hand me the wheatpaste!”

Your New Heart

Afraid and Shy, I Let My Chance Go By, A Chance That You Might Have Loved Me Too
(photo by Thomas Hawk)

You’ve seen those huge hearts all over the city. You have your own feelings about them. I don’t know what those feelings are. But here’s the thing: from now until August 25th the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is accepting artist submissions for new hearts. So go design your own!

You can do something that tests the limits, like David Lynch did, you can do something plain like Tony Bennett’s face eating the Golden Gate Bridge, or you can do whatever the heck you want.

Get entry forms at the Heroes & Hearts 2011 website.

Murals In Progress

They’re usually covered up by overly affordable travel gear or something when this Mission Street business is open, but at night I got a peek at some new murals in progress. They’re not nearly done yet, as you can see, but it’s never too early to take some guesses as to the artistic intentions.
Mural in Progress 1
Some kind of folk icon? Anti-authoritarian, definitely.

Mural in Progress 2
Then you’ve got this next one, got some buildings in there. Looks like maybe a straightened Leaning Tower of Pisa in the middle. But it’s in the clouds? Probably Valhalla.

San Francisco Has Banksy Fever!

Banksy On Sycamore
I know everyone else has already done all kinds of stuff about Banksy’s apparent PR trip to SF. (Kevmo is the go to guy for all my Bansky needs!) We couldn’t really sit around the Mission Mission offices sipping maté in our sweatpants all day and not join in the action a little.

So, let me ask you this, are these pieces still Banksy pieces if he didn’t put them up himself? If he designed them and maybe even chose the location and then e-mailed a PDF to his assistants who then cut the stencil and put them up, does that still make it a Banksy original? If it’s a unique design, which he doesn’t use anywhere else? This conversation took up most of my night last night and my voice is a little hoarse from all the loud talking, so I wanted to know what all of you thought.

UPDATE: Banksy loves pants!

Getting A Feel For The New Valencia

Fritz's New Takeover
Frjtz is exploring the possibilities of the new Valencia Street and all its extra space. I’ve never eaten there, and the menu, prices and ambiance don’t entice me. But actually sitting down outside without the fear of Gavin Newsom popping out from behind a safety cone and forcing me onto a one way bus trip to Santa Cruz, that sounds pretty nice. What do you think?

Jack Hammer
Construction. That’s what’s up.

Tetris Treat

In a noble (yet likely futile) effort to break the recent worrisome trend of pigeon-biased posts, I bring you street art, Tetris style:

(Taken on Treat & 23rd by rhiannononon.)

The only possible improvement to this would be to color each sidewalk square as a tetris block, visible from Google Maps.

Then again, Mexist took it a step beyond, mapping out 8-bit 1978 onto streets laid out a century earlier.

Viva 8-bit Mission!

Still Doing Things Backwards

There You Go Again
I found some more street art on Valencia. And just like last time, I helped it out a bit. It’s sort of addicting.
Street Art Revealed
I dunno. What else is it supposed to be?

Speaking of which, Seattle-based illustrator, designer and awesome dad, Gaelan Kelly did a couple versions of the last one:

Pizza Zone ‘N’ Grill Is Down With The Kids Today

Pizza Zone (‘N’ Grill!) on Duboce and Valencia.

Look, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about street art. The closest I got to “tagging” was repeatedly drawing the Stüssy S all over my binder in 7th grade.

But I think it’s really tacky when businesses paint their signs in graffiti text. It reminds me of those arcade machines in the 90’s that would show you a tag-font “Stay In School” splash screen when they started up. Even then I was cynical enough to see through their ridiculous attempt to appeal to my “urban” side.