UPDATE: Mr. Pickle to be Voluntarily Returned?

Mr. Pickles: Yahoo Cracking Down

Shortly after thaddius_larue tipped us off that someone at Yahoo was looking into the identity of the “The Pickler,” we received detailed account information from a tipster at Yahoo, including name, address and telephone number.  Our source has suggested that the alleged kidnapper once resided in Foster City and is presently employed by a San Francisco Tattoo studio.  This information is yet to be substantiated.  Additionally, Mission Mission has the thief’s Comcast Cable address.

Soon after we received the information, “The Pickler” claimed that he would return Mr. Pickle:

“ill return it jeez, just a prank that has gone too far. never intended to harm him, just found him out on the street at 11 at night and thought it would be funny. he will be home very very soon.”

It appears the saga is nearing its conclusion.  Hopefully we will see our friend on SVN once again.

Author: Kevin Montgomery

No one should have a biography at age 24.

21 thoughts on “UPDATE: Mr. Pickle to be Voluntarily Returned?”

  1. Mission Mission, on the case. Congrats, guys. Looking forward to seeing Mama Pickle’s boy returned to her shortly.

  2. Nice work unnamed Yahoo! employee, Mr. Larue, and MM staff!

    It’s heartening to know that there are heroic people looking out for the decent folks and shop owners who make this city great.

    75 thanks +1 to you guys for (hopefully!) getting our dear friend Mr. Pickles back to his rightful place.

    And to the guy who stole him, no excuses. You are lucky your real name wasn’t revealed and dragged through the mud. Have some guts and return Mr. Pickles.

  3. I know this may not matter now, but I had heard that Mr. Pickle had been left out several nights in a row. The thief in all actuality was just trying to rescue the little guy. I’m glad he is home now!

  4. Uh, why was The Senor out at 11pm anyway? Did the guy forget to escort him in? (because I’ve seen some stuff over there, people. Walking from The Dark Room to Shotwell’s at midnight, and the door to Mr. Pickle’s was obviously unlocked and open, and the place is unoccupied. more than once.)

  5. Mr. Pickle safely returned. Thank God.

    To The Pickler:
    Thank you. I understand your journey and applaud you for keeping Mr. Pickle safe all this time. I know that you are big hearted person, and we say bravo to your just and honest nature. After all Mr. Pickle could have been taken by a real scummy scummy or vandalized, out alone at night. This should serve as a lesson to everyone, that right outs wrong everytime. Again Thank You, The Pickler.

    -Ronny Lott

  6. I took it off the street at night, not during the day, as a prank. If I was being malicious I could have just tagged on it or taken a saw-zaw to it. But I just wanted to kick it with him for a minute. Momma Pickle is a sweetheart and I apologized to her (she offered me a sandwich ) but I declined. He is home now, and I am sure whichever employee left him out those 2 weeks in a row that I saw him out will take him inside now.

    P.S. as soon as I heard that Ray Potes was somehow catching flack for it is when I decided it was time to return him. Pranks aren’t funny when other people are getting harassed for it.

    1. Stealing artwork from a small business, or anywhere really, is just shitty. This is the most selfish thing I have heard of in a while.

  7. you people suck. imagine if that time you spent online being “vigilantes” was used to make a real difference in this world. that sign could have been replaced. human life cannot be.
    “i feel part of something”, “we did it”

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