Warm up tonight to the sounds of dark synths and forgotten danceable delights

Tonight the Mission’s very own cold wave fogged out dance cave at Submission promises to warm you up, dry you out, cause you to lose control, and then spit you back out on to the streets. Warm Leatherette will be cranking out the minimal synth jammage with special dj guest Le Perv (one of the masterminds behind Dark Room). Zuckerbook event page here.


Buy a cassette tape of Bay Area bands tonight at Warm Leatherette

This evening the finest synth wavey dance night in the Mission celebrates some of the Bay’s most excellent live electronic music acts. In particular, Ssleeping DesiresS and Black Jeans will be performing live tracks in celebration of the release of the new Bay Area themed Sweating Tapes cassette compilation. Doors open at 10 p.m. at the always awesome Submission space at 2183 Mission St (cross is 18th).

Facebook event link here & more info from The Bay Bridged here.


Tomorrow get down to the sound of Pop. 1280

Remember that time you were lost in the nacht, the moon was full, and everything seemed effin’ awesome? Well, get your corpse over to Warm Leatherette at Submission this Saturday for a joyous incision of fog fueled tunes from below and an early live set from Brooklyn bloodletters, Pop. 1280. Regular djs Riegler, Nihar, and Jason P will be turning out top notch nocturnal lullabies guaranteed hijack your heels.


Sail on through the summer steady Eddie style

Hot new look for the summer – a gently worn, authentic Eddie Bauer bag. Real deal Mission District grime and good times embedded in the thread. Stop being a Chrome drone or Timbuksnoozer and get some stylee. Guaranteed to keep your booze brisk and your tacos crisp while you’re chillin at Dolo parque this summer. Nuff said!

All slices are created equal at Mission Pizza

Relatively new pie pusher Mission Pizza has finally published their menu and boy the choices are overwhelming! Three types of Mission themed pies plus a Mexican Mariachi to boot. Somehow though they’ve amazingly been able to procure all toppings at the same cost. No matter your slice, you pay the same price! The only variable in price seems to be pie size. Any theories as to this egalitarian pricing scheme?

Tonight’s the night for leather and fright

Hey all you 4/20 stoners with minimal wave boners, guess what happens tonight? Before Grace Jones butchered it, there was the original Warm Leatherette version by The Normal. Now you can relive the golden age of lo fidelity darkwave jams spanning genres from minimal wave, cold wave, synth punk, post punk, etc. Expect goths-with-good-taste and their friends at the lovely Submission space on Mission & 19th.  Tunes provided by resident wave-ologists Nihar, Justin, Jason P, Dreamweapon, and Riegler. Visuals provided by Subset. Event link here.