Pitchfork Music Festival in Pictures

Pitchfork 2010 was rad. If you haven’t been, do try some day. Apart from the epic lineups, the festival is very friendly and local, out in a neighborhood park your concierge and your cabbie have never heard of.

LCD Soundsystem nearly killed me with how perfect they are.  Totally cried during “All My Friends.” The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are back, in good a form as ever. Surfer Blood continue to impress. Girls win the award for best shirt on a frontperson.

There were lots of cameras:

And LOTS of Ray-Bans:

Lots of trees and lots of people:


People were either sweaty from sun or sweaty from dancin’:

I saw the 22 Club:

And a Dolores Park fan:

There were butterflies everywhere:

And a vuvuzela:

And then San Francisco celebrity chef Natalie Galatzer kicked in a door because Pavement didn’t play “Summer Babe”:

And then most of Chicago rioted because Pavement didn’t play “Summer Babe”:

And then a group of five close friends made a pact and threw themselves off the Trump tower because Pavement didn’t play “Summer Babe”:

8 thoughts on “Pitchfork Music Festival in Pictures”

  1. Yep, it was a total blast, despite the INTENSE, SEARING HEAT.

    Major Lazer had a killer set too. So did Wolf Parade. But no one was as good as LCD Soundsystem.

    Sunday was much much more crowded than Saturday.

    Too bad Natalie Galatzer, most of Chicago, and a group of five close friends didn’t go to see Pavement at the Greek, because they played “Summer Babe” there.

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