8 thoughts on “Does the Mission Need a Vigilante?”

  1. what the Mission needs is a supervisor that isn’t a snake oil “progressive” bullshit artist, stealing public money to advance their own political career by lying to poor people and guilt ridden liberals….promising a future that will never exist – out and out LYING – focusing on arcane and dogma-driven non-issues while 6 FUCKING PEOPLE get their heads blown of in 2 weeks.

    not one of these ass-clowns cites safety as a first issue…most say “community policing” is the answer. this means, btw, neighborhood watch groups. and THIS emans, by the way, that you’re on your fucking own to solve the problem. YOU find the issues, YOU report them, and maybe the cops will help out…but it’s erally the COMMUNITY’S problem, not the city’s.

    and THAT means, fuck you, i’m too busy stealing public money to advance their own political career to actually do anything about, well, anything. maybe i’ll find time to stop a store from opening in the Mission because it doesn’t contain 15 units of sub-market residential development, or make sure illegal drug dealers aren’t deported.

    (Actually Campos, in my opinion the biggest sleazebag of all these D9 candidate sleazebags – maybe the biggest sleazebag the city has seen in a long time – has jumped on the “safety” bandwagon now that people are dropping like flies. so give him and his political consultant credit for reading the paper. (yeah, the grass-roots “man of the people” has a high-paid political consultant.))

    by the way, anyone heard of this Brian Marquez murder? i saw some flyers on a pole today at 20th & SVanNess, talking about how he got killed at 24th & Utah on 3 Sept. i didn’t see this at all in the paper, and a search of SFGate reveals nothing. Googling it only reveals the website showing the 250k (!) reward for info. it’s also on the SFPD website.

    but no press….i wonder why?

  2. zinzin, you sure do an awful lot of whining. you complain about no supervisor having safety as their top issue and then bitch about campos now making safety one of his issues? i’ve lived in the heart of the mission for 5 years and i don’t feel unsafe. these are kids killing each other and it’s a tough problem that no supervisor is going to be able to “solve” it. you really want one of them to make an empty promise about it?

    it is totally sad though and i’d like to see it stop. what’s your solution to stopping these kids from killing each other? and btw the marquez murder happened in 2005.

  3. i’m whining because i’m dissatisfied with the status quo, and i cant abide selfish lazy babies or lying politicians? tell me more. i really am dying to know….because while i admit I’m an over-talkative, opinionated asshole, i don’t see my self as a whiner.

    please, let me have it. if i’m being an idiot, please call me out.

    that said, why is demanding that the “Supervisors” of the city actually do their job a problem? like maybe they should supervise something? these are the only people in city government focused on the neighborhood level, other than cops, far as i know.

    and no, of course i don’t want empty promises. that’s all we have…that’s all we have had, and that’s all we’ll ever have unless we vote these career liars out of office.

    what i fucking want – what we should all want, imho – is accountability and solutions-focused hard work. what we get is personal career building, empty rhetoric and …uh…well, little else far as i can tell.

    my view, no one cares about the Mission. The hood is seen by and large as a slum where poor brown people live, and where a lot of hipster bars are. no one in those groups votes, or donates. so no one gives a fuck.

    In my opinion, the D9 Supe should care. And they should care about EVERYONE. not only poor folks, not only homeless folks, not only rich folks, not only brown, black, white, GLBT, differently abled, whatever. EVERYONE. and i can tell you, i am not feeling represented, because progressive blow-hards don’t care about me. they only care about folks who believe their lies about a future that will never exist.

    and btw, you lived here 5 years, and you don’t feel unsafe? that’s just bully for you. i’ve lived here since 1991 and 6 killings in 2 weeks makes me feel not-so-safe. the D9 Supe is EXACTLY the person to whom we need to voice our concerns, if we have them (i do). they are RESPONSIBLE for finding a solution.

    do i think they are solely responsible to “solve” the issues with a wave of a magic wand? no, i don’t. do i think they should look at the issue with a realistic view of the world we actually live in? and be the one out in front of TRYING to find a solution? be the one RESPONSIBLE? yeah, sorry but i do. that’s their whole fucking job description.

    campos has jumped on the “safety” band-wagon in the last 10 days. prior to that, he had nothing to say about anything other than “housing activism”, “asylum for non documented residents” and his fictitious list of “accomplishments as Police Commissioner”. This guy actually took credit for “desegregating SF schools”. (It’s a lie.)

    So i think it’s swell that he’s voicing an opinion on it, but i also think he’s a lying career politico in the pocket of the traditional progressive machine in SF that keeps 16th & Mission the way it is, keeps me cleaning human waste off my driveway 3 times a week, and – in my opinion – has ignored the actual needs of actual people in the Mission since the 1960s.

    so yeah, i’ll fucking complain about him because he’s not interested in anything that – again, in my opinion – will help the district. he’s interested in his own political career. if he’s elected, there will be no effort to try to solve the actual issues we have in the Mission, except perhaps for a flawed & futile (but laudable) effort to increase affordable housing, and a narrow-minded, overly zealous effort to preserve and expand “asylum” type legislation (which is complex and also laudable in many instances). otherwise, we’re on our own. again. still.

    so….what do I think we need to do to stop these kids from killing each other? i don’t know. these gangs have been around for 50 years. these kids are essentially born into the life, or conscripted early, far as i can tell. i’m no sociologist.

    that being said, i think a more moderate view of the city and it’s issues – because i think it’s actually a more moderate city held hostage by progressive politicos and the bewitched or guilt ridden voters that put them there – would be a good step forward. more cops? sure. but ineffective alone. more outreach, enrichment, education? sure. expert gangland taskforces a la LA? why not? Social work? Job programs? A better “Asylum” policy that differentiates between a guy with a family trying to pay the bills and a thug killer? Sure. More realistic laws that treat chronic youthful offenders as adults? Sure. Focus on “quality of life” crimes issues a la NY? worth a shot, probably too draconian for SF.

    obviously, we agree that it’s a complex web of issues that no one person or single aspect can solve. and not any time soon, either.

    i dont know the answer. i don’t pretend to know it. my view, my WHOLE POINT, is that the folks who claim expertise in city government, whose RESPONSIBILITY it is – whose JOB DESCRIPTION it is – to find the fucking answer, should at least try.

    and people should get educated about who they think will try, and vote for that person. that’s relly my hole interest in writing anything at all on this blog.

    PS thanks for the info on Marquez. i was in the dark on that one.

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