I just ate chef Danny Bowien’s new “Chinese Burrito” for three meals in a row

After years now of salivating over the wild stuff Danny’s been doing in New York (and posting on Instagram), I was thrilled to find out they’re about to do something wild here.

Danny’s been back in town for a couple days, perfecting the recipe and preparing to formally launch this new concept. They’re gonna do one version at a time, and change it up maybe every month or so. It all kicks off at Mission Chinese Food on Thursday.

Yesterday for lunch I had two halves of the Pork Ma Po Tofu/salt cod fried rice version, one half with cheese, one half without. (The verdict: “Fuck yeah cheese.”) This is a great burrito, and a very fulfilling lunch.

Here’s Danny posing for a photo for Lucky Peach:

Then last night I got really drunk and went back for the Kung Pao Pastrami/salt cod fried rice version (which I think is the one debuting for real later this week).

Initially I wasn’t gonna publish a photo of the inside of the burrito, so as not to spoiler it for anybody, but it’s just so darned colorful:

God damn this was a great burrito, and an INCREDIBLY awesome late-night option.

Here are Danny and partner in crime Anthony Myint, late last night, making plans:

Lastly, I woke up hungover and had a cold leftover Chinese Burrito straight out of the fridge, while watching the first episode of the new Daily Show. It was a little soggy and still really nice and spicy. It perked me right up. This is a great burrito, and a KILLER hangover cure.

In short:

  1. Great for a normal sober lunch
  2. Great for a drunken late dinner
  3. Great for fixing you up the next morning

Thanks, everybody!

UPDATE: I forgot, the pastrami one comes with a dish of crema that you can drizzle onto each bite, and they all come with a nice hot sauce too…

(These last two photos by Jess Kelso, thanks Jess!)


12 thoughts on “I just ate chef Danny Bowien’s new “Chinese Burrito” for three meals in a row”

    1. The 1% of the mission. Living the dream. The dream we all wish we could live. And with a side blog to complete the dream. As well as a dream of promoting Djs. Wow. Real life man.

  1. That thing looks delicious. I will stifle any tendency to make smart-ass comments* about “Chinese burritos”. Respect.

    *Although Spike Jones’s recording of “Chinese Mule Train” is, unfortunately, now stuck in my head.

  2. Looks awesome. Kind of surprised that he’s doing it here though. Got the impression that he had pretty muc abandoned SF and put the Mission Chinese Food on autopilot.

  3. You know, the only thing I miss about the Mission is the Friday lunch special chili dog at The Sycamore. Sigh.

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