Uptown Almanac’s Comedy Night at the Roxie tonight will be a fond farewell to the ‘Mayor of the Mission’

Kevin over at Uptown Almanac today shares one big reason why we all need to head over to the Roxie tonight for comedy night. In short, because our buddy Jeff Cleary:

For those of you not in the know, he’s hosted dozens of shows at 12 Galaxies and The Purple Onion, has lived a hundred feet from Delirium since before it was ever called Delirium, is, as Sean Keane says, “basically the Mayor of the Mission,” and tonight is his last show before leaving town for the foreseeable future.  We’re all bummed he’s hitting the road, but tonight will be a one helluva send-off.

Hitting the road? Gee, Jeff, we hardly knew ye. Bone voyagee!

Read on for more choice Jeff material, or buy advance tickets to tonight’s show here.

Why is Guido Jesus back in the news?

First we noticed that a 2-year-old post about Guido Jesus was dominating our Top Ten:

Our stats indicated nothing helpful, so we took some screenshots and did a post on our official Tumblr (which was quite active today despite the main blog being pretty dead). Then we mentioned that Tumblr post on our Facebook wall, at which point reader Elias Perez came to the rescue:

Seems there’s a meme out there involving a completely unrelated instance of Guido Jesus. It’s okay. Here are some highlights (via Funny or Die):

Not bad.

Nevertheless, we are still the #1 search result:

God bless this mess.

‘Open’ improv means the audience can join in too

Sarah over at Broke-Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website fills us in:

[…] The Dark Room has the dopest FREE improv event every Tuesday.

Fun, games, and hilarity are what improv is all about, and you’ll get plenty of that here. Think you’re funny? It’s open, so feel free to hop up onstage and show us your improvisational skillz.

That’s right, it’s totally open. Audience members are allowed to just join the fray whenever. If you’re into that sort of thing. Read on for details on the Dark Room’s booze policy.

RSVP and invite your friends here. The event is put on by Sylvan Productions, in case you want to check out their other comedy-related endeavors around town too.