People Wanna Buy Stuff

And thus, the Mission Bicycle Company storefront, former bastion of nothing but custom-made track bikes, began selling clothing and accessories too. Buyer/Curator Jefferson explains:

“A lot of our customers are cyclists. They come in and they don’t need a brand-new single-speed bicycle. But they wanna buy something. People wanna buy stuff.”

Fresh off spending sprees at Paxton’s and 826, folks roaming the Valencia corridor happen in and find nothing to impulse buy. So Mission Bikes decided to start stocking an array of locally made and/or responsibly sourced products. A placard with Google Map and fact sheet accompanies each item.

“People wanna buy stuff.”

We asked the obvious: “Even in this economy?” We got a shrug. People wanna buy stuff.

More pretty pictures by Mollie C after the jump. And a full set (complete with hi-res versions) here.

9 thoughts on “People Wanna Buy Stuff”

  1. Give the people what the people want, especially if they are willing to exchange some coin for it!

    @William, speaking of snap–snap! :o) (If you find a good source, lemme know!)

  2. It’s tourists, man. The People’s Republic of Greater Valencia has become a tourist destination. And that’s both evil and awesome.

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