Cafe Arguello Closes, Makes Room For Sausage

Reader Eric sends in an update on the Cafe Arguello space:

Arguello was limping along there for a while, but it seems they’ve actually closed now.  No sign of any changes inside, but hopefully soon there will be sausages and beer.

Progress!  Rosamunde here we come!  As a stereotypical Pole (haven’t you noticed how crazy dumb I am?), I’m stoked on sausage and happy to have more of it in the neighborhood.  That’s what she said + joke about the Castro, maybe.

They’ll have vegan dogs too, dudes.  Get ready!

Author: Kat Malinowska

My enthusiasm makes up for my misses.

12 thoughts on “Cafe Arguello Closes, Makes Room For Sausage”

    1. As long as there’s still one person there who feels the need to complain about “hipsters”, the neighborhood will never want for hipsters.


      1. That’s funny since I hear that all the time about google employees and marina types in the neighborhood from people that have lived here their whole lives.

  1. I’m stunned it stayed in as long as it did… I never saw more than two groups dining there at a time the entire time I’ve lived in the area.

    If Rosamunde stayed open late (unlikely) it could get in on some of that late night Faralito action.

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