Glen Canyon Park Just Might Be the New Dolores Park

Many Machines says:

[T]his is the second Sunday visit in a row where I’ve encountered a group of off-brand bros, their lady friends, their dogs, and their beers. [link]

The migration has started! Glen Canyon Park is also cool because it has miles of hiking trails, occasional Jonathan Richman sightings, and coyotes running wild.


Potrero del Sol Park Just Might Be the New Dolores Park

9 thoughts on “Glen Canyon Park Just Might Be the New Dolores Park”

  1. Glen Canyon is a true treasure. (No dogs allowed on the ball fields/near the playground/in the kid’s part of the park, but my doggy loves him some hiking…) Nothing will beat DP’s weather, though, so I don’t expect a take-over anytime soon. Putting Glen Park on the map could be interesting, though…

  2. I live in Diamond Heights and love hiking down through Glen Canyon to Tyger’s on the weekends for my breakfast.

    I usually wimp out and take the #52 back up the hill though.

  3. after 15 years in san francisco, i recently went for a hike in glen canyon for the first time. very cool hiking trails, especially when you think that you’re smack dab in the center of the city. a nice little piece of wilderness that you can ride your bike or take a bus to, if you’re craving a little communing with nature. but, the park doesn’t really compare to dolores, well, at least the view doesn’t.

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