Adios, Ramblas Tapas! Bongiorno, New Delfina Outpost!

Paolo over at the Chronicle‘s Inside Scoop last week reported that the Delfina folks (satisfied with their Pizzeria Delfinas having been at the forefront of the SF FANCY PIZZA EXPLOSION) are ready to try something new, in the Mission, in a “high-profile mystery space.”

Well, we solved the mystery. The deal is done, and it’s Ramblas, home of somewhat affordable tapas and sangria and organic pale ale, on Valencia between 16th and 17th.

Still no word on what ground-breaking new concept will replace the place [UPDATE: Carolyn points to a tweet that indicates it might be Mexican], but Ramblas’ days are numbered, as the Delfina Empire expands once again.

Anyone want to meet up for one last round of Churros & Chocolate?

Photo by John.Gordon.


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7 thoughts on “Adios, Ramblas Tapas! Bongiorno, New Delfina Outpost!”

  1. Does this mean the overpriced tapas phenomenon has finally kicked the bucket?

    Don’t get me wrong, the food itself at Ramblas wasn’t bad. But there’s no way I’d pay $8 for a couple pieces of asparagus.

  2. This sounds promising! If anyone in the Delfina intelligence department reads the comments of this blog, re those decapitation-related twitpics, see how well “guanciale” has worked out among people who would probably avoid “pig jowls”? Call it “carnaza” (people are already used to “carne”), and it is one of the best tacos de cabeza around anyway.

    I cannot wait for this place.

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