6 thoughts on “Tecate Cycling Caps (And Hamm’s Cycling Caps)”

  1. Hey Dr. Douchebag – you don’t know shit about drinking beer, professor bitchmade. Hamm’s Brewery S.F. – look it up you arrogant little microswill bandwagon twit.

      1. Hamm’s isn’t originally from SF — though they did have a brewery here for a few years — it’s from “the land of sky-blue waters” (as their ads used to say), St. Paul, Minnesota. But yes, I agree that the flavor does make you wonder what doctors do with surplus pee specimens. Much beloved by cheap punks because it’s cheap.

  2. “The Hamm’s brewery in San Francisco opened in 1954 at 1550 Bryant Street, close to the Seals baseball stadium. The brewery closed in 1972. In the early 1980’s, the beer vats were rented out to punk rock bands, and it was a used as music studios until the building was renovated and turned into offices.”

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