Drunkin’ Spelling Bea

Tomorrow night (12/8) at El Rio from 6:30-8pm Mike Speigler and company challenge you to drunken yourself up and try to spell a bunch of words. Why is this happening? They explain:

Have a consonant craving to avenge a childhood loss suffered during a duel with words? Do you use the English language daily, but rarely find yourself with the freedom to spell when imbibing booze?? Do you even know what a shot of Extenze male enhancement drink tastes like??? If any of these queries needs an answer then come to El Rio on Wednesday December 8th to take part in the first ever Drunken Spelling Bee!!

What is Extenze? Check out this site if you care, but a warning, while you’re trying to figure out how to click on the links, someone will come up behind you and start making a bunch of stale jokes about your supposed shortcomings. Then you’ll whip around and pretend to throw hot coffee in their face but the lid will “accidentally” come off and actually drench them. Now whose performance is in question??

The Facebook event page is here.

El Rio is at 3158 Mission near Cesar Chavez.

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