Molasses Guinness Donut

Whoa. This is my own fault; I don’t make it to Dynamo all that often. But how come all anybody ever talks about are the maple bacon one (pictured) and the spicy chocolate one (pictured) — when there is  MOLASSES GUINNESS ONE (not pictured) THAT TASTES EVEN BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS?

Anyway, now I know.

[Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid]

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3 Comments on “Molasses Guinness Donut”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor Says:

    I love their egg, mustard and vinegar donuts the best. They literally explode in my mouth. FREAKY!

  2. manymachines Says:

    The main problem with that place is that regular donuts are just too good.

    (Also, I agree that maple bacon is not even their best flavor.)

  3. Caitlin Says:

    My favorites are Caramel de Sel and Chocolate Rose.

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