Taqueria Vallarata Gets Snazzy New Signage

Whoever is in charge of the artistic direction at Taqueria Vallarta needs to be poached immediately by one of those hotshot tech companies like Google or Twitter.  The guy (or gal) has repeatedly proven to be on the cusp of genius, as evinced by “batshit insane” 49ers tribute mural, as well as the various exterior drawings and aesthetically pleasing color scheme.

Now he’s outdone himself again with another game-changer:  this amazing lit-up pop-out sign that can be seen from blocks away by anyone walking on 24th St.  Depicting a serene ocean scene that reminds you of vacation, complete with lazy seagulls, it also manages to extol the virtues that make this one of the most popular taquerias in the neighborhood.

For instance, top billing goes to the Tacos al Vapor, which are the closest thing you’ll find to the tacos served in Tijuana.  Likewise, a keen sense of knowing your audience is demonstrated by the deft placement of (what appears to be) “Vegan Burritos,” always a popular choice in the Mission.  My only regret is that they don’t mention the champurrado (which makes a delicious treat on a cold night, of which you can be sure we’ll soon have plenty).

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5 Comments on “Taqueria Vallarata Gets Snazzy New Signage”

  1. johnny0 Says:

    Their previous sign was pretty epic (but in bad shape).

    I’d love to know the history of it — given the “RRIATA” either a) they ran out of room, or b) it originally said something else. Anyone have pictures looking up and down 24th in the 70s and 80s?

  2. tacotron Says:

    mmm I loooove Vallarta. mmm dos de al pastor, un de chorizo….y un de lengua. yeah

  3. Nico Says:

    As a Vallarta aficionado, designer and lover of vintage signage, I supposed it goes without saying that I’m not a huge fan of the new sign. The old sign was more fitting with the actual feel of Vallarta (and better designed)…there was something nostalgic and authentic about some of the missing letters, and the color scheme was better. I admit the new blue hue stands out, but you can’t read anything on the sign. I like the concept of a beach scene, but this just looks amateur. hardly snazzy.

  4. subframe Says:





  5. tinklemepinko Says:

    This is new and different. In other words, I hate it.

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