Muni pass wall art

Says an enthusiastic editor at Design Sponge:

This is such a clever, chic display of old bus passes that I’m tempted to traipse over to San Francisco to amass my own collection — bravo to SF Muni for making such awesome-looking tickets and for using great color combos!

— and then discontinuing them forever! Read on for the whole story on how this display was made and why and, of course, the “before” shot.

[Thanks, Kristina!]


I waited for the T and all I got was a commemorative golden plaque

Margaret sent this in and said it was found at the 24th street BART.

At first this was puzzling to me. Then I realized that if you’re waiting for the T at 24th and Mission, then you’d have enough time to have a plaque made about it, ’cause it aint showing up anytime soon.