Ghost of the Valencia 26

I stumbled onto this slumbering beast parked on Valencia at the corner of Cesar Chavez.  It was one of those hybrid electric models but was completely shut down and dark, and almost looked to be abandoned.  I shivered as I realized that this used to be the old route of the now defunct, highly controversial Valencia 26 Muni line.  Oh shit, this must be a ghost!

I examined the silent hull more closely and noticed that at the very back of the dark bus sat a motionless ghost conductor, staring into space, at which point I got the heebie-jeebies and high-tailed out of there.  Maybe I would have investigated further had I not recently re-watched Event Horizon. Back in the safety of my room, a little research seems to indicate that this may just be an off-duty 12 or 27 (does anyone use those lines?), but I still consider myself lucky to have escaped alive.


26 Valencia Dead

26 Valencia: An Homage

26 Valencia Lives Forever

Dramatic Muni Accident at 24th and Mission

The 49 Van Ness-Mission seems to have plowed into a bus shelter. The tip and photos come from reader Blake via his friend Renna’s Facebook page. He says “One comment reminded that this is yet another reason to not eat at Farolito. Truth.”

Yikes. Anyone else see this? Hoping nobody was hurt.

(thanks, Blake!)

UPDATE: Commenter “Mulch” says “I was on the bus. No injuries. I talked to a guy who had just got up from the shelter. He said the bus just suddenly swerved into the curb. It also hit the light post right in front of it.”

More updates in the comments, including the guy from the shelter.

Intersection FAIL

This opportunistic bus managed to lodge itself into the intersection for not one, but two (2!!!!!) traffic light cycles this morning, no doubt causing Muni traffic down Market Street to merge into an even more congealed morass than normal.  Not even daring cyclists could get through!  If you were late for work downtown this morning, you know who to blame.

Protip:  If you’re about to cross Market Street and the light turns yellow, just stop.  It’s not going to work out.

Bring Your Muni Experience Inside

This Bus Isn't Coming

If you’ve made it out to Julie Michelle’s I Live Here: SF show you have probably noticed that there is a Muni bus shelter in the room. The show’s still up, and the amazing pics are accompanied by Chris Rusak‘s really cool interpretations of the writing from the project, as well as some gems from SF archivist Rick Prelinger‘s massive film archive.

This Wednesday, 11/17, from 5 to 8pm, Muni Diaries is having a three hour happy hour where they’ll be recording your Muni tales for something called the Muni Time Capsule.

Rare opportunity. Go vent for the ages. SOMArts is at 934 Brannan Street.